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Paying your Verizon wireless bill FAQs

How to pay your bill and accepted payment types

  1. How can I pay my Verizon wireless bill? What forms of payment can I use?

    Here's how you can pay your wireless bill in My Verizon, online, in a Verizon store, or by phone or mail:

    Where to pay Payment methods
    My VerizonPay your bill through My Verizon online or app.

    If you're not registered for My Verizon, register today.
    You can save and use:
    • Up to 2 checking accounts
    • Up to 6 Credit, debit or ATM cards - Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, PULSE®, NYCE®, or STAR®.
    • Note: You can use your saved payment method to set up automatic monthly debits (Auto Pay)

    Other ways to pay:

    Digital assistant tool on Verizon.com Make a one-time payment using a credit or debit card.
    Pay My Bill websitePay your bill without signing in to My Verizon. You need your account number and ZIP code. Checking account, credit card, debit card or Verizon Gift Card.
    Verizon store - Pay your bill using a Bill Pay Kiosk or with an Experience Specialist. Find a store near you. You can use cash in addition to the payment methods listed above.
    Automated phone system – Call #PMT from your mobile phone or (800) 922-0204 from any phone. Enter your Account PIN. Pay with your saved payment method, enter another card number or use a checking account.
    Customer Service – A $7 Agent Assistance Fee is charged for any payment made with Customer Service over the phone. The fee appears on your card’s account statement. Note: The fee applies even if the payment is canceled or returned. Credit card, debit card or checking account ($7 Agent Assistance Fee applies.)
    Mail - Find your nearest payment mailing address by entering your ZIP code on the Contact Us page. Check or money order.

  2. How do I add or update a bill payment method for my Verizon wireless account?

    You can add or change your bill payment method in My Verizon.

    Note: If you aren't able to edit a payment methods details for security reasons (e.g., a credit card’s numbers can’t be changed), you can set up a new payment method with the updated information and delete the old method.

    Register for My Verizon to pay your bill, manage your plan and more.

  3. I want to pay my bill in cash. Where can I go to make a cash payment?

    To pay your bill in cash you can go to a:

    You can also check our Payment locations to see other stores that accept payments for your Verizon mobile and/or Fios Home Internet bill.


    • Be sure to call and confirm before visiting a location.
    • You may be charged up to a $3 convenience at non-Verizon locations for making a payment.

  4. Is there a charge for making a payment to Verizon?

    A $7 Agent Assistance Fee is charged for any payment or payment arrangement made with Customer Service over the phone. We don't charge fees for using our self-serve payment methods, such My Verizon or Auto Pay.

    Check with your bank or card company to see if they charge a fee for processing the transaction.

  5. Is there a charge for a returned check?

    Yes. A non-sufficient funds fee is charged for a returned check. The  fee amount depends on your state:

    • $20 in Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, New York and Utah
    • $25 in all other states

  6. How do I use a Verizon wireless gift card to pay my bill in My Verizon?

    To add a Verizon gift card as a payment method, in My Verizon go to your Payment options. Select Add a Payment, then select gift card and follow the prompts.

  7. How can I make a bill payment if my Verizon wireless account is disconnected?

    If your account is disconnected you can pay your bill by signing in to My Verizon with your User ID (your mobile number won't work). You can retrieve your User ID if you've forgotten it.

    If you can't log in or if your account is inactive, pay your bill by on our Disconnected Accounts website. Enter your mobile number, last name and ZIP code. You can use this website for 6 months after disconnecting your account. After 6 months, use the Pay My Bill website.

Your Verizon wireless bill payment schedule

  1. When is my bill payment due?

    Your bill payment is due 22 days after the bill period ends (e.g., your Oct 18 bill is due Nov 10). If you’re the account owner or the account manager, you can change your payment due date.

    The payment due date is shown on the first page of your bill. Go to your Bill Overview in My Verizon. Scroll down and click the Bill pdf.

    You can make your payment anytime on or before the due date. Visit our Billing Statements FAQs to learn more.

  2. How do I know when it’s time to pay my bill?

    We automatically send you an email or text message reminder for payment if:

    • You set up a My Verizon account.
    • You have a balance due and haven’t made a payment 2 days before the payment due date.
    • You're not signed up for AutoPay.

    As the account owner or account manager, you can set emails and texts to notify you when your bill is ready and when it’s time to make a payment. Learn how to set up reminders to know when your bill is due.

    Visit our Billing Statements FAQs to learn more.

  3. Can I change my payment due date?

    Yes. If you're the account owner or the account manager, you can change your bill’s due date once per billing period. Call Customer Service or call *611 from your phone to change.

    Keep in mind:

    • Changes can't be made while the current bill is processing (during the 4 days after your billing period ends).
    • When you change your payment due date, your billing period changes (since the payment due date is always 22 days after the last day of the billing period).
    • To adjust from the old to the new billing period, you may get up to 3 separate bill statements in 45 days. Each bill may include a device payment charge (if applicable) and each must be paid.*

    Note: If you need to change just an upcoming payment date because of unexpected circumstances, you can consider a payment arrangement instead of changing your billing period.

    *The total number of your device payments doesn't change.

  4. When will my bill payment be processed?

    Your bill payment is processed:

    • Scheduled payments - Are debited from your checking account or charged to your credit/debit card on the scheduled payment date.
    • One-time payments - Are debited or charged within 24 hours of submitting the payment.

Bill payment options and late payments

  1. I have several lines on my account. Can each person pay a portion of the bill?

    Multiple people on the account can pay individual charges. Keep in mind:

    • If you're using Auto Pay, that automatic payment can't be split among different payment methods.
    • If you're getting an Auto Pay and paper-free billing discount, you must use the Auto Pay payment method or the discount won't be applied.
    • The Account Owner is ultimately responsible for all charges.

    Here's how different people on your account can pay a portion of the bill:

    1. Each person can pay the Account Owner directly. To see each line's charges, go to your Bill overview in My Verizon. Scroll to Account Charges and expand the plus symbol by each device's line.
    2. Make the person who wants to pay an Account Manager. Then he or she can view billing details and pay his or her portion.
      • Pay through My Verizon – When a bill is unpaid and has a balance due or past due, the Account Manager can schedule a payment. If a bill is paid, you can use the advance payment option and pay any amount toward the upcoming bill. Note: Advance payments can only be made with a credit card. You can pay up to $500 over the balance due.
      • Pay by dialing #PMT from a Verizon device.

    Note: The limit is 3 account managers per account.

    1. Create a sub-account. A sub-account is a separate account in your name that has a different mailing address. If you want a relative who lives elsewhere to get a bill for his portion of your services, you can put his line on a sub-account. Contact Customer Service to start a sub account.

  2. Can I break up my bill into different payment amounts?

    Yes. If your bill:

    • Is due or past due and unpaid - You may be able to make a payment arrangement and split your bill into 2 payments. Learn more about payment arrangements.
    • Isn't due - You can make advance payments. Advance payments can only be made with a credit card or debit card. You can pay up to $500 over the balance due.

  3. When is my payment late? Am I going to be charged a late fee?

    If we don't get your payment on or before the due date we charge whichever is greater:

    • A late fee of up to 1.5 percent per month (18 percent per year) on the unpaid balance
    • A flat $5 per month (if allowed by law in the state of your billing address)

  4. What if I can’t pay my bill on time?

    If you can’t pay your bill, you may be able to set up a payment arrangement to ensure your service stays active until you can pay you bill. You can either set up a promise to pay or you can schedule a payment for when your funds will be available. Learn more at our Payment Arrangement & Promise to Pay FAQs.

24/7 automated phone system: call *611 from your mobile