Designed for kids ages 3 to 8, the GizmoTab allows children to explore and learn.

Verizon’s GizmoTab is loaded with educational apps and parental controls. Designed for kids ages 3 to 8, the GizmoTab allows children to explore and learn, while giving parents the reins to guide and control their screen time.

1. Kid-inspired user experience 

The GizmoTab’s home screen is a colorful digital map that allows kids to navigate between themed locations like Doodle Town and Safari Island. Each island offers a number of educational games and learning activities.

As CNET reporter Alfred Ng puts it in his review of the GizmoTab, “It’s what a tablet experience would feel like if everything was turned into a game.”

2. Engaging games and learning apps

Each tablet is built to run educational games and learning apps designed by children’s software company Fingerprint. Chief Revenue Officer Kimberly Verbonitz notes that these apps strike a great balance between educational value, engaging gameplay and storytelling.

“Kids are like little scientists. They like to explore and discover and play,” Verbonitz tells Ng in his review for CNET.” They learn best when they don't really know that they're learning."

3. Parental controls

The GizmoTab’s parental controls help parents and guardians monitor and manage how kids use the device. With the GizmoTab’s built-in tools, adults can see how much time their kids are spending inside their favorite games and learning apps. Parents with multiple children can create user profiles to see each child’s personal device activity and set different difficulty levels for the educational games. Settings allow parents and guardians to decide for themselves how their kids should be allowed to use the device.

From there, time limits can be set for how long each child can use the device, with additional controls that specify how much device time must be spent on educational activities. If children complete certain educational games, their parents can use the control settings to reward them with bonus playtime.

“[The GizmoTab] lets you manage what your children can access and limit their screen time, while providing enough hardware prowess to handle just about anything you can throw at it,” writes PCMag analyst Ajay Kumar.

4. Cellular connectivity

The GizmoTab connects to the internet through standard Wi-Fi, as well as through Verizon’s 4G LTE cellular network. Laptop Magazine’s Henry T. Casey says that “the GizmoTab's cellular connectivity is the major reason it stands out from the rest of the child-friendly tablets, as all other models are Wi-Fi only.”

And as Kumar points out in his PCMag review, this feature allows kids to have internet access on long car rides and other outside-the-home trips.

5. Shock-absorbing case 

Each GizmoTab comes with a padded bumper case that can limit damage if the device is dropped.

“[The GizmoTab] can hold up against the physical punishment kids can dish out,” Scott Freedlun writes in his review for Chip Chick. “This rubber case is teal with yellow accents and is the first line of defense from accidental drops, which are certain to occur.” The removable padded bumper case is included with each GizmoTab.

The GizmoTab is not a toy, nor is it an underpowered tablet only suitable for young children — "it’s a fully fledged Android tablet," Freedlun writes. Adults can convert the device into a regular Android tablet by entering a child-proof security code. And if parents want to give their kids access to outside apps like YouTube, they can download them from the Google Play store.

“...The interface is familiar and easy to use, the tablet can adapt as kids get older, and it’s a tablet that parents can use as well, making it a true family tablet,” Freedlun writes.


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