Don’t miss a minute of entertainment when you’re away from home. Stream live shows and watch Video on Demand from your smartphone with Verizon FiOS apps.

Maybe you’re stuck in line at a DMV and it feels as if time has slowed down. That long car trip where you’re the passenger? It seems to be taking forever. Flight delays, waiting room visits that never end. You get the picture. Or do you?

If you’re a subscriber of Verizon FiOS (available in select markets) these mobile apps let you kill some time by doing some serious binge watching, or get lost in a cool action movie, even if your beloved flat screen isn’t nearby or available.

Here’s the skinny on Verizon’s FiOS apps:

Verizon FiOS Preview

If you’re not yet a Verizon FiOS TV subscriber, this app is for you. Discover what FiOS is all about—no commitment required. Just download for a free trial run and stream shows to your device. You can even save some money by exploring current FiOS promotions.

Verizon FiOS Mobile

If you’re a subscriber, you can take control of your TV watching with this app. Play live TV or Video on Demand on your compatible smartphone or tablet—perfect for killing time while waiting at the doctor’s office or when the kids have taken over the TV.

Rest easy when a meeting runs late or when date night lasts longer than you thought it would. The app lets you manage DVR recordings, check the status of your DVR and schedule new recordings when you’re away from home.

And a bonus for when you’re home, the app turns your smartphone or tablet into a TV remote control.

Verizon My FiOS

Apps aren’t always just for fun. With Verizon My FiOS, you can update your FiOS account from your smartphone. Want to be productive from your phone? View and pay your bill, check your payment history and sign up for paperless or auto-pay services. Update your profile, manage your email, listen to your home phone’s voice mail, review call logs and check messages from the app.

Want even more? Use My FiOS to manage your DVR, turn your device into a remote control and check TV listings. Reward yourself for being a loyal customer with My Rewards+ points. Rack up enough points and you can redeem or gift your point balances toward deals at restaurants and retail stores.


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