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Verizon wireless Account PIN FAQs

About Verizon wireless Account PINs

  1. What's an Account PIN and why do I need one?

    Having a PIN helps ensure your Verizon wireless account and personal information stay secure. The Account PIN is the primary way we verify you as the Account Owner when you contact Customer Service.

    If you don't have an Account PIN when you contact Customer Service for account changes or information, you'll be asked to create one to continue.


    • The Account Owner is responsible for sharing the PIN with any Account Managers who may need it.
    • We'll never proactively call you and ask for your Account PIN.

  2. Is an account PIN different than the My Verizon password?

    Yes. Here's how they are different:

    • When you contact Verizon wireless Customer Service by phone or Chat about your account, your 4-digit Account PIN verifies your identity.
    • When you sign in online or in our app to manage your account, you use your My Verizon password.

  3. What are the requirements for an Account PIN?

    The account PIN must be:

    • Set up or changed only by the Account Owner
    • 4 digits long (numbers only and no letters)

    The Account PIN can't be:

    • The last 4 digits of your SSN (forward or backward)
    • Sequential numbers (e.g., 1234 or 4321)
    • Repeating numbers (e.g., 1111)

Create or reset your Verizon wireless Account PIN

  1. How can I create or change an account PIN online?

    Account Owners can change Account PINs in My Verizon by visiting the My Verizon Security page.

  2. Can I change my Account PIN at a Verizon store?

    Yes. To make an Account PIN change, Account Owners can bring to the Verizon store a:

    • Valid government issued photo ID.
    • Mobile device with which to receive a SecurePIN authentication by text.

  3. What happens if I forget my account PIN?

    For your security we can't send you your current account PIN. If you forget or don't know your account PIN you can reset your account PIN in My Verizon.

    Note: You must be the Account Owner to reset your account PIN.

  4. What happens if I get a message indicating that an account PIN has been set up, but I didn't set up a PIN?

    If you get a message that an Account PIN has been set up but you didn't make the change, visit the My Verizon Security page to reset your Account PIN.