10 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook

Even if you think you have your Facebook privacy settings nailed down, you never know where your posts and photos will end up.

Everyone is turning to Facebook to find out more about you: prospective employers, college admission officers, business partners; there has even been talk of insurers checking Facebook before issuing life policies to see if applicants indulge in risky behavior or partake in dangerous sports!

Even if you think you have your Facebook privacy settings nailed down, you never know where your posts and photos will end up. You have no control over what your friends do with them, and it only takes a few ‘Likes’ for a post to be seen by hundreds of people you’ve never heard of.

There is only one sure-fire way to stay out of trouble, and that’s not to post anything inappropriate or controversial in the first place. But what kind of posts are we talking about? What are the things that we could post online that might come back to bite us?

Well, the list is almost endless, but here’s just a few. If you regularly post on Facebook, then here is the Mobile Living Top 10 list of things that are better left unsaid:

1. How much you hate your job

If there is anything guaranteed to quickly put you among the ranks of the unemployed, it’s going on Facebook to complain about your job. Complaining about your job in this economic environment will be seen as ungrateful and disloyal, and it will not win you many friends inside or outside the office!

2. Embarrassing pictures of other people

It may seem like a good prank to post embarrassing pictures of other people on Facebook, but what might start out as a bit of fun can quickly go wrong. Everyone’s Facebook motto should be “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If you wouldn’t want those pictures of you circulating on the Internet, then be a good friend and share them privately or not at all.

3. Your birth year

Or your home address, or telephone number, or mother’s maiden name – or anything else that could be used to put your personal or financial security at risk. Sophisticated criminals need very little to steal a person’s identity and many trawl Facebook because that kind of information is so readily available. Do yourself a favor and don’t post any personal information other than your name and birth date – without the year!

4. Strong political or religious opinions

Nobody’s saying you can’t have them, it’s just that very few people want to read them on Facebook. Plus, one-paragraph opinions on a social network can easily be taken out of context or misinterpreted. Why risk alienating friends or being labeled as insensitive or intolerant? Facebook activity should be kept friendly and light. Don’t post politically charged comments and don’t respond to other people who do.

5. Curse words

Again, all it takes is one slip and your reputation can be ruined. What may have seemed like a funny post during a night out with the girls can look awkward and offensive in the cold light of day. Don’t risk offending your colleagues, friends or your favorite aunt. Keep it clean!

6. Other people’s big news

If your Facebook friends have big news to announce, let them do the announcing. There is nothing worse than Dad jumping the gun and letting the whole world know that Junior got accepted into that north-eastern university, or Mom telling all her friends that she’s finally going to be a grandma. Let others control their own Timelines and make sure that they get to break their own big news.

7. Details of your vacation

Want to invite burglars to break into your house? Announce to everyone on Facebook that you’re going on a two-week cruise. The police and FBI can tell you that Facebook is increasingly used by criminals to identify potential victims, and not just for identity theft or cyber scams. You may be proud of your 500+ friend list, but with that many, there are bound to be a few bad apples. Letting everyone know that your house is going to be empty is an invitation to be robbed!

8. Posts intended to make others envious

We know you’re proud of your brand new Porsche or that diamond necklace you got for your birthday, but some things are better kept to yourself. While there is nothing to be ashamed of in achieving goals and enjoying some good fortune, others might not be so lucky. (Plus, you might not want to tell everyone about the recently acquired 70-inch HDTV or fine artwork for other reasons – see 7 above.)

9. Drinking photos

Whether you are single and in college or happily married with three kids, you might want to tone it down on the drinking photos. While the odd picture of you and your golfing buddies enjoying a beer might be OK, a constant stream of photos showing you with a drink in your hand might lead people to think that, well, you constantly have a drink in your hand! And be especially careful if you are in college. Everyone knows about the weekend keggers but dozens of pictures of you with your boozy pals sends a poor message to everyone, including Mom and Dad!

10. TMI (Too much information)

Whatever you post, keep it appropriate and don’t include details that you don’t want the whole world to know. If you would only tell a handful of close friends about the details of your annual check-up or what you found in your 15-year-old son’s room the other day, then it has no business on Facebook. When it comes to posting online, the less information the better!


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