Anker PowerLine+ III Lightning 6ft Cable



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The PowerLine+ III Lightning 6ft Cable is a premium power cable that's optimized for high-speed charging. This ultra-durable cable features nylon braiding with metallic connectors for a premium feel, with a slim design that doesn't sacrifice durability. With a 35,000-bend lifespan,* the PowerLine+ is designed to withstand every twist, tug and tangle. And, it's MFi certified to work with most devices that use a Lightning connector.

*Based on independent testing.

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The new power line+

- 1 month ago

The new power line+ III is so much better! The woven design makes it less likely to tangle and the thinner design is so much stronger. I’ve had these for months of rugged use and the woven cord has not frayed like other cheap versions of these cords. All in all I think this is a great cable that lasts a long time.

trhodes - 1 month ago

Anker PowerLine+ III Lightning 6ft Cable gives me a quick charge at speeds way above the competition! The cables are durable and hold up longer to cable abuse such as bending at the charge connector. #Anker stands behind their products with a warranty as well! I would not use any other brand of aftermarket charging accessories!

jacobr7 - 1 month ago

Anker is crowned king when it comes to mobile accessories , cables, power banks charging heads, and to say I have no complaints with their products at all. Have always been reliable and durable prices ranges but is worth the price always last a long time if taken care of and sometimes beat up too.

ivanm12 - 1 month ago

I have a 6ft of this cable and its awesome. Usbc to lightning all the wAy! Cheap too compared to apple

angief56 - 3 months ago

My kids have 2 Apple IPads and they are constantly on them even more so since Covid. I have bought lightning cables through amazon countless times and they all stop working within 2 weeks. I spent a little more money after reading reviews and purchased the 2 pack 6ft anker charging cords and they not only held up past the others but they charge there devices really quick. Even my kids 8 and 9 can tell the difference so you really know its a good product. I will definitely purchase this brand again if we need to due to the longevity and durability. Anker PowerLine+ III Lightning 6ft Cable

let me rave about

sarareviews - 6 months ago

let me rave about the look, the 6 feet option and how GREAT it is. We all love a good cord black wire and looks minimalist with any home and WORKS. 6 feet because we all know we want to use our phones when we are in our beds in at 10AM on a Saturday. Anker does SUCH a great job at creating products that are verified by Apple (someone might need to factcheck me on this) and that looks great and WORKS WELL! I never have had a problem with ANY of their products