How to run a blog from your smartphone

Blogs have evolved from simple online journals to a popular way for viewers to find general or product based information, search for top recipes, and interact with others. According to a Blog Tyrant report, about 40% of bloggers reported higher views and engagement when they provided eBooks and guides while 39% reported strong results when they included original research.

Whether you blog as a fun way to record your activities or as a full-time job, you’re not alone. As of 2020, of the over 1.7 million websites on the internet, over 600 million included blogs. The number of active bloggers is set to grow from 28.3 million in 2018 to 31.7 million in 2020.

While blogs used to consist of only words, now blog formatting allows posters to include images, videos, and podcasts. The popularity of modern smartphones has made it easier for bloggers to engage with viewers by posting high-quality videos, photos, and text while on the go. With a reliable mobile service provider, a little time, and the right apps, you can post an engaging blog entry from your smartphone.

Types of mobile blogs.

With advancements in smartphone technology and blogging applications, you can choose the type of format that works best for your blog. Consider starting a mobile blog using one of the following popular formats:

- Video: According to the Blog Tyrant cited above, 41% of bloggers reported strong results by using a video blog. If you think video is the best way to convey your message, there are several platforms to choose from, such as Instagram, YouTube, or Tumblr

- Photography: The same source found that about 30% of bloggers experienced strong results from viewers when they posted images. Photography-driven blogs are best if you’re posting how-to content or showing off your travel adventures. Most blogging platforms allow you to add images to your posts but some of the best ones include Medium or Squarespace

- Text: Simply writing out your thoughts through text is a classic way to communicate with your readers. However, articles that include visuals, such as photos or video, are known to garner 94% more views so consider adding some type of visual to your post. If you’re more focused on words, consider using a simple blogging platform, such as Wix or Blogger.

- Podcasting: While traveling in their car or working out at the gym, many people listen to podcasts. According to Edison Research, in 2017, about 19% of people surveyed listened to podcasts in their car, which increased to 23% in 2018. Consider hosting your podcast on a dedicated platform, such as Buzzsprout or Captivate.

Apps for mobile blogging.

Once you’ve picked your blogging platform, consider apps that make the blogging process easier. The blogging medium you choose determines which smartphone apps are most helpful to your mobile blogging experience.

Video apps.

When you record video on your smartphone, you’ll need an editing app to edit the video before it’s published. Some of the easiest video editing apps include:

- Quik: Use the Quik app to mash together short video clips using a theme. You can also add filters, titles, or text to each slide.

- Adobe Premiere Rush: Known for its simplicity and speed, the Adobe Premiere Rush app is the smartphone version of Adobe Premier software and allows you to arrange video clips for a seamless reel and export it. 

- InShot: With the InShot app, you can splice together and edit video or add filters and effects to your reel.

- WeVideo: The WeVideo app allows you to combine video clips and add seamless transitions between clips. You can also add a green screen and stock images to make your video stand out.

Photo apps and accessories.

If you’re a blogger who uses images to attract viewers, mobile blogging is a great way to add content on the go. Use one of these popular photography editing apps to ensure your images are perfect before publishing:

- Canva: With the Canva app, you can add text and filters to your pictures. You can also resize or straighten images.

- Over: Use templates and graphics in the Over app to enhance your photos. Play with lighting and ensure your images are mobile-friendly.

- VSCO: The VSCO app makes it easy to edit photos with quick presets and automatic fixes for lighting and color.

- Photoshop Express: With Photoshop Express, you can add filters and text to photos, make collages, and add watermarks.

Photography accessories, such as a pocket camera or photography module, help you capture high-quality images.

Podcast apps.

When recording your voice for a podcast, use an app that’s dedicated to audio. Some of the top podcasting apps include:

- Soundcloud: With Soundcloud, you have no limitations on the length of your podcast and can view weekly statistics to learn about your listeners.

- Audioboom: As a hosting platform for your content, Audioboom focuses on ways to market your blog for monetization.

- iPadio: When you use iPadio to host your podcast, you can record up to 60 minutes and create text, tags, and titles to identify your content.

- Simplecast: The Simplecast app allows you to edit your podcast so it’s ready to be published on the top audio streaming apps. It also provides an extensive analytics platform for your content.

Writing apps.

If you’re relying on text, choose a blogging platform that helps you publish organized content. Some of the most popular writing apps for smartphones include the following:

- WordPress: With WordPress, you can choose a domain and blog theme to create unique content.

- Grammarly: Use Grammarly to check your blog entry for grammar or spelling errors before publishing it.

- Google Docs: Keep your blog entries organized through the Google Docs app, which identifies spelling or grammar errors and allows you to collaborate with other users.

- Evernote: Use the Evernote app to talk or write ideas for your next blog entry. Organize your thoughts through this app before creating your content.

Tips for mobile blogging.

To successfully blog using your smartphone, it’s important to be prepared. Implement these tips so you can successfully publish content on the go.

Use voice-to-text.

Your smartphone has the ability to turn your voice to text. This makes it easier and faster to create written content through mobile blogging. Before publishing, read through your content to ensure your phone heard you correctly.

Ensure strong Wi-Fi connection.

A strong wi-fi connection is crucial when publishing blog content. Make sure you’re in an area that has a good connection before attempting to record or publish your blog content. Interruptions in service may cause you to lose content you worked hard on. Consider bringing an internet hotspot device with you if you’re not sure whether you’ll have a reliable connection. 

Keep your phone charged.

Keep an extra phone battery or charger with you at all times to ensure your smartphone is ready to post content. If you’re out and about, utilizing wireless charging solutions ensures you don’t miss any important moments that will make for great content. 

It’s also important to keep your phone protected with a phone case, especially if you know you’ll be recording or taking photos during an outing or adventure.

Update your data plan.

If you aren’t using wi-fi, you can use your mobile network. But there’s nothing worse than running out of data while trying to create great content for your blog. Consider an unlimited data plan that allows you to capture and post as much as you want.

Post through email.

When you publish content, you can snag viewers, readers, or listeners by posting on your social media platforms. It’s also important to establish an email list so you can notify subscribers when you’ve published new content.

Whether you want to blog through text, video, photography, podcasting, or a combination of these mediums, you can publish great content using only your smartphone. These apps, tips, and tricks will help you post engaging content and grow your online following.

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