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Automated Voice System FAQs

General Information

  1. What is the Automated Voice System?

    The Automated Voice System is a free service you can access with your mobile phone to receive basic account information and perform common transactions. This service is available virtually 24/7, letting you manage your wireless account anytime, anywhere.

    Acceptable use of the automated phone system

  2. What transactions can I complete with the Automated Voice System?

    You can complete many account transactions with the Automated Voice System, including:

    • Activate or change a device
    • Check your account balance
    • Make a payment
    • Get dialing instructions for international calling
    • Reset your voicemail password
    • Check your upgrade eligibility date
    • Change your billing address or email address
    • Check data usage or minutes of use

  3. How do I access the Automated Voice System?

    Call *611 from your mobile phone to access the Automated Voice System.

  4. What account information can I receive over the phone?

    You can receive information about your balance, payments and usage by text or voice. To receive information, call the following short codes:

    • #MIN - Provides your minute and text usage amounts
    • #DATA - Provides your data usage amount
    • #BAL - Provides your account balance
    • #PMT - Lets you make a payment
    • #UPG - Provides your upgrade eligibility date

  5. Can I activate my phone using the Automated Voice System?

    Yes, you can use the Automated Voice System to activate a new phone for an upgrade or change your device ID when replacing equipment.

    • For 3G phones, call *228 to activate.
    • For 4G LTE phones:
    1. Turn off the phone.
    2. Insert the SIM card.
    3. Turn the phone back on to let the programming complete.

      Note: You don't need to call *228 for 4G LTE phones.

  6. Can the Automated Voice System provide tracking numbers for orders?

    Yes, once your orders have shipped, the Automated Voice System will send you a text message with tracking numbers.

  7. Can I make a payment using the Automated Voice System?

    Yes, you can call #PMT from your mobile phone to make payments with the Automated Voice System. It supports payment by credit card, check, gift cards and rebate cards.

  8. Can the Automated Voice System provide information about traveling outside the US?

    Yes, the Automated Voice System can provide information for countries you're traveling to, including:

    • Dialing instructions
    • Rates
    • Phone capability

  9. What if the Automated Voice System doesn't address my reason for calling?

    If the Automated Voice System doesn't address your reason for calling, select the last voice menu option and say what you need. The system will direct you to the right place for help.