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My Verizon FAQs

Learn how to manage your account with My Verizon, either from your computer or an app on your mobile device.

General Information

  1. What is My Verizon?

    My Verizon lets you manage your Verizon wireless account anywhere, whenever you need it, from your desktop computer or from an app on your mobile device.

    My Verizon Online >
    My Verizon App >

  2. What transactions can I perform in My Verizon?

    If you're registered as the Account Manager or Account Owner, you can manage nearly every aspect of your account, including:

    For additional transactions you can perform in My Verizon, visit our account management page.

  3. Who can manage my account in My Verizon?

    Access to the features in My Verizon depends on which account role you've been assigned:

    • Account Owner - Has access to all available account information
    • Account Manager - Has access to all account information, but can't assign Account Managers or change the Account PIN (previously called billing password or billing system password)
    • Account Member - Has limited access to information about their line of service only

    Learn more about My Verizon account access roles.

  4. Are there requirements to use the My Verizon app?

    You can use the My Verizon app if:

    • All lines on your account are on any of these plans:
      • Unlimited plans that you can mix and match
      • Just Kids
      • Shared Data Plan – 5GB
      • Shard Data Plan – 10GB
      • The new Verizon Plan shared data plans (e.g., S, M, L)*
      • The Verizon Plan or The MORE Everything® Plan*
    • You have a compatible iPhone® or Android™ smartphone using:
      • iOS 10.0 or newer
      • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or newer

    If your device isn't eligible for the app, we'll let you know with a text message.

    *No longer available to add to your account.

  5. How do I view the My Verizon app in Spanish?

    If your device language setting is set to "Español", the My Verizon app automatically displays in Spanish.

Registering, Signing In and Passwords

  1. How do I register for My Verizon?

    You can register on the My Verizon Registration page in My Verizon.

  2. How do I change my login or security credentials?

    You can change your login and security credentials as needed. Click the links below and then follow the instructions to update to your login information.

  3. Are there other websites and services I can access with the same My Verizon User ID and password?

    Yes, with your same My Verizon password, you can also access the following websites and services:


  1. I've forgotten my password for My Verizon, and I requested a temporary one by text message. What if I can't receive the text message?

    We'll send a letter to your billing address, by first class mail, that contains the temporary password. You should receive the letter in approximately 3 - 5 business days. Use the password provided to sign in to My Verizon and create a new password.

  2. I haven't signed in to My Verizon in a long time. Will I be locked out?

    My Verizon accounts can remain dormant, meaning that you don't sign in, for a maximum of 2 years. After that time, you'll be locked out and need to contact us.

    However, if you have Auto Pay set up, your account isn't considered dormant even if you don't sign in.

  3. My account has been disconnected. Can I still sign in to My Verizon?

    If you have a User ID you can still sign in to My Verizon with that. If you don’t have or know your User ID you can sign in to My Verizon on our Sign in to a disconnected account page for six months after disconnecting your account. You'll need the mobile number, last name on the account and ZIP code.

    If you need to pay a bill and your account has been disconnected for more than six months, you can pay it at www.verizonwireless.com/paymybill.

  4. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc.
    iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the US and other countries and is used under license.