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Swap devices with someone on your account

Thinking about swapping phones with someone else on your account? It's easy to try out another phone that's active on your account while keeping your own phone number. Go to the Swap Devices page in My Verizon and follow the prompts to swap phones with someone else on your account.


  • You must be an Account Owner or Account Manager to perform a device swap.
  • The numbers must be on the same Verizon account while the lines are active. You can swap devices with someone on another account once the devices are deactivated.
  • If there is a pending order on your account, it will need to be complete or cancelled before you can swap devices.
  • Prepaid Family Accounts aren't able to swap devices at this time.


swap-devices: Can I switch to a phone that was used on a different Verizon Wireless account?

Yes, if the device you want to switch to is no longer active on the account, you can switch to it.

Note: You won't be able to switch a device if it is active on a different account, if there's still a balance due on it or if fraudulent activity is associated with its Device ID.

swap-devices: Is there a charge for switching between 2 phones on my account?

There's no charge for switching between 2 devices on the same account, but if your existing data plan is not compatible with the type of phone you're trying to activate, you might have to purchase additional data for it.

swap-devices: If I swap phones with another one that's activated on my account, will I lose my contacts and media?

You won't lose any content if you first back up to Verizon Cloud or to your computer through iTunes® or similar software.

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swap-devices: Why isn't my device compatible with my plan?

If your existing data plan doesn't match the new phone type you're trying to activate, you might have to purchase additional data for it or change plans. Some examples are if you're switching from a 3G to a 4G device or from a basic to a smartphone.

swap-devices: If I am swapping phones do I need a new device protection plan?

You may only need to update your device protection if 1 line has device protection and the other does not, or if both protection plans are incompatible. If you already have a device protection plan on that line, you can choose to either keep what you have or select another.

swap-devices: Can my spouse and I keep our same phone numbers if we swap devices?

Yes. If you swap devices, you can still keep your same mobile numbers.