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Device Trade-in Program FAQs

Trading in your old device? This page answers key questions, including:

Watch our device trade-in video for more information.

General Information

  1. What is the Device Trade-in Program?

    If you're an existing Verizon Wireless customer, the Device trade-in program allows you to trade in your old device and receive instant credit towards your purchase today*, or receive an account credit, if instant credit doesn't apply to you. Learn more about instant credit.

    If you're a new customer, you can get account credit for your old device. If you're not interested in purchasing a new device while trading your old one, you can trade your device and receive a Verizon Wireless gift card or a PayPal account credit.

    For more information about trading in and recycling your old device, watch our Device Trade-in video.

    Visit our Device Trade-In Program Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to trade in your device.

    *Available to qualified customers only. Not available with In-store pickup. 

  2. Which types of devices can I trade in?

    You can trade in the following types of devices:

    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Basic phones
    • Jetpack devices
    • Netbooks
    • 3G prepaid phones that have been active for at least 6 months
    • 4G prepaid phones that have been activated and at least the first month payment has been made

    We don't accept the following types of devices for trade in:

    • Vehicle Diagnostics or Delphi Connect
    • Samsung Galaxy Camera®
    • Other connected devices

  3. The device that I want to trade in is active. What can I do?

    If the device you're trading in is currently active (i.e., receives calls or uses data on any network) and you'd like to keep the line active, you must first swap the device with an inactive or new device before shipping it.

    If the device is active on our network, visit our Activate/Switch Device FAQs for more information about this process.

    You won't receive credit or a gift card for the traded device until it's deactivated.

Trading in Your Device

  1. How do I trade in my device?

    Visit our Device Trade-in Program Guide to learn how to trade in your device.

  2. When I trade in my device, should I send the battery, charger and other accessories?

    Don't ship the charger, SD card, SIM card or other accessories with your device. No trade-in value will be provided for these items, and they won't be returned.

    Unless you indicated during the appraisal process that the battery wouldn't be included, you'll need to include it. Follow the instructions included with your shipping materials to package your device and its battery.

    If your device's battery is damaged, such as too hot to touch, swelling or leaking, remove the battery before shipping the device and don't send the battery. If the battery can't be removed, don't return the device because it won't be eligible for a gift card or account credit, and it won't be returned to you.

  3. How do I clear personal information and content from my device before trading it in?

    Refer to your device's Interactive Simulator, the manufacturer's website, or follow the link given upon completion of your device trade-in request for instructions. Make sure you remove all personal information, like passwords, locks and SIM and SD cards, before sending in the device.

  4. How do I package and send my device trade-in?

    If you chose to print your return label online, securely package your device using bubble wrap, or a similar packing material, then place it in a box so your trade-in safely reaches us.

    If you received a trade-in recovery kit, place your device in the envelope and place the envelope in the box your new device was shipped in. Then, peel and stick the return label provided on the outside of the box. Keep the tracking number for your records.

    Once you've packed your trade-in, bring your package to the carrier listed on the shipping label or contact them for pickup.

  5. What happens once I send my device to the Device Trade-in Program?

    Once we receive your device:

    1. You'll receive an email confirmation that your shipping materials have been received.

    2. The device will be appraised within 3-5 days, and you'll receive an email with the final appraised value.

    3. You'll receive credit or an electronic gift card for your device.
      • An account credit is applied within 1-2 bill cycles
      • An electronic Verizon Wireless Gift Card is delivered within 2 weeks of receiving your device to the email address provided during the online submission

    Note: Our first priority is to renew and reuse the device. When devices can't be renewed and must be recycled, we adhere to a zero-landfill policy to keep e-waste out of landfills.

  6. What if I wasn't able to complete the Device Trade-in Program submission online?

    You can try one of the following options:

  7. What is the submission ID for my traded device and where can I find it?

    Your submission ID is a unique code or identifier assigned to your request that distinguishes it from other requests received.

    You can find it in the confirmation email you received after you completed the form online. The email also contains important information about how to ship your device.

    If you don't see the email, please check your spam folders. We'll send all notifications about your device trade-in request to the email provided.

    You'll need to know your submission ID to check the status of your traded device.

  8. What if I misplaced the shipping materials sent to me for trading in my device?

    You can request more shipping materials. You'll need your submission ID and phone number you gave when you submitted your device trade-in request.

    Visit our Device Trade-in Program Guide to learn how to request more prepaid shipping materials.

  9. I changed my mind and I no longer want to trade in my device. What should I do?

    If you haven't shipped the device, you don't have to do anything. Simply don't ship the device and your submission will be canceled.

    Devices that have already been shipped can't be returned.

Trade in Credits

  1. When I trade in my device, how long will it take to receive credit on my Verizon Wireless account or my Verizon Wireless Gift Card?

    If you're eligible to receive an instant credit, your credit will be available immediately when you submit your trade-in details online. You can use your instant credit towards optional down payments, accessories and more. Learn more about instant credit.

    For trade-ins not eligible for instant credit, once we receive your device, it will be appraised, and you'll receive an email confirmation with the final appraised value. After that:

    • An account credit is applied within 1-2 bill cycles
    • An electronic Verizon Wireless Gift Card is sent within 2 weeks to the email address provided during the online submission

    You can track the status of your submission online.

  2. What is Instant Credit?

    With Instant Credit, there's no need to wait until we receive your device to redeem your credit. Your instant credit is available right away to apply to your order. Instant credit is available for existing Verizon customers who upgrade or add a new line.

    Instant credit is not available for in-store pick up. You must be an existing Verizon customer to be eligible to receive instant credit for your trade-in device.

  3. How do I apply for instant credit when I trade-in a device?

    When you upgrade or add a new line you'll be given the option to trade in your device. Once you provide details about your trade-in device, if you're eligible for instant credit, your credit amount will display. You can apply the credit to your order for instant savings.

  4. What happens if Verizon determines my appraised trade-in device is not in the expected condition?

    If the device you're trading in is not in the expected condition when we receive it, we'll adjust the instant credit amount you applied to your items. If the appraised device is in worse condition than expected, you'll see a chargeback as applicable. If the appraised device is in better condition than expected, well issue an account credit for the difference.

  5. What happens to my instant credit if I don't send my old trade-in device back?

    If we don't receive your trade-in device for which you received instant credit during your online transaction within 30 days, you'll see a chargeback on your next bill for each of the items you purchased using instant credit.

    If we receive your device after 30 days, you'll still see the chargeback on your bill for the items you purchased with instant credit. However, within 1 or 2 bill cycles your instant credit will be applied and you'll see a one-time account credit on your bill for the appraised value of your old device.

  6. I got an email saying I'd be receiving less credit than I expected for trading in my device. Why?

    The email should explain the reason for the lesser value, such as the condition of the device was different than originally stated in the submission or the activation lock is turned on (e.g., Find my iPhone®).

    When we receive your device, we ensure it matches the information you provided during the online submission. If the device doesn't match the description or if it wasn't submitted within 30 days, you may receive less than the appraised value indicated during your online submission. Additionally, if you claimed a promotion but the device you sent isn't eligible for the promotion, we'll provide you with the trade-in value for the device, excluding the promotion. For further information, see our Terms & Conditions for the Device Trade-in Program.

  7. When I'm ordering a new device online, is the credit from my traded device immediately applied to my order?

    If you're eligible for instant credit, you can apply the credit to your online order. If you mail in your device for appraisal and are not receiving instant credit you'll have to wait for your account credit or electronic gift card to use it on an order.

    You can use your instant credit to:

    • Purchase accessories
    • Purchase a new phone under a device payment agreement (in limited states) or at the 2-year price

    Note: If your instant credit trade-in device is in different condition than expected when we receive it, a chargeback for items in worse condition or credit for items in better condition will be applied to your bill.

    You can use your (non-instant) trade-in credit to:

    • Pay a bill if you have a standard monthly account (i.e., not prepaid)
    • Purchase accessories
    • Purchase a new phone under a device payment agreement (in limited states)
    • Purchase a device if you're a prepaid customer

    Note: Any remaining trade-in value for the device you traded will be given to you as an electronic gift card.

  8. How can I spend the Verizon Wireless Gift Card I received for trading my device?

    You can use your gift card to:

    • Purchase accessories or a new device
    • Pay your Verizon Wireless bill

    Note: Gift cards can't be used to:

    • Replenish a prepaid account
    • Pay charges towards ONE-BILL®, Qwest® and CenturyLink® accounts
    • Purchase items at an authorized retailer

  9. How can I get information about my Device Trade-in Program submission?

    You can check the status of your trade-in submission or reorder shipping materials at any time. If you have additional questions, please contact our Device Trade-In team at (800) 416-8894.