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5 reasons having multiple devices makes sense


It's a pretty safe bet that you and anyone over 15 in your house has a smartphone. But with everything they can do, why do you need other devices? You may have wondered that very thing while friends and colleagues showed up to a meeting or coffee date with more than one phone or tablet. But perhaps through this short tutorial, you'll soon learn that adding a device to your Verizon account will cost you less than the price of a Grande Latte.

Check out these five ways having more than one device could make sense for you, too.

A tablet makes everyday life easier.

The first is pretty simple... You may think you have all you need in your smartphone, but a tablet really makes life easier. You know how there are some pieces of technology you thought you might not need and then once you have one, you can't imagine living without it? That could be a tablet for your family. You can use it to pull up recipes when you're cooking, or to check fantasy football scores while your spouse channel surfs on the TV, and, best of all, the kids can throw on some headphones and watch a movie on road trips.

Mobile Hotspots give you Wi-Fi and power.

Something else that's great for the road is a mobile hot spot. With that, you can get online and stream and play games on up to 15 devices. Laptops. Media players. The kids' gaming devices. You can get them all on Verizon while you're on the go. And when everyone's at home streaming movies and playing around online, that hotspot takes a huge strain off your wi-fi. Some of them even work as a smartphone charger, which is a big bonus.

Your second phone can be your emergency phone.

Some families use a second phone as their emergency phone. Landlines are becoming more and more archaic, and if you wanted to check on the kids in an emergency, all it takes is a power outage to make a cordless phone useless. If you keep a second Verizon phone charged up, loaded with emergency contacts and in the same place all the time, it can be a pretty important part of your family's emergency checklist. Especially if you pick a phone that's also a mobile hotspot. Verizon has some certified pre-owned phones that would be perfect for this.

An extra phone can become your kid's phone.

But that's not the only reason having two phones can be useful. Getting a second phone means your kids can enjoy your old one. If your kid is younger, they're probably always grabbing for your phone. If you let them use your older one, you won't have to clean little fingerprints (or worse) off your newer one. Or, if your kid is at the age where they're asking for a phone, having two is the perfect excuse to keep the new one for yourself and let them take the older one for a test drive.

A second phone keeps work and home separate.

But even if you don't have kids, the fifth reason to have more than one device is one almost everyone can relate to. Your primary phone can be for home, family and friends. The second one, only for work. Work and life can become a lot more balanced if you start using a second phone just for business calls and office emails. When that phone's off, no need to think about work at all. And even if you're not using the second phone for work,  use it as a hotspot and save battery life on your personal phone. 

If it's time you considered adding a second phone or tablet for your family, browse some of Verizon's best devices today. You might find one (or two...or three) that you can't live without.


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