Take all your favorite blockbusters with you. Easily download digital movie copies and stream them on your mobile devices.

For most cinephiles, there's not much that beats the adrenaline rush of an action film, the goose bumps during a scary movie or even the tears that come from a heartrending romance. Most of the new Blu-rayTM and DVD releases come with a digital copy, so you can keep your movie library on your Verizon smartphone or tablet. Grab some popcorn, sit back and learn how to watch all your favorite flicks from almost anywhere.  


Managing your digital movies with iTunes isn't much different from working with your music library. Add a movie to your iTunes library by making a purchase in the iTunes store or by redeeming a code for your iTunes Digital Copy from a Blu0ray or DVD. The title becomes permanently associated with your iTunes account. You can then download the movie to your computer and sync it up with your compatible device. Whether you're using a home computer, and AndroidTM or an iOS device, there are ways to sync the content. Look for different apps, such as Sync iTunes to android-windows, that help you get your iTunes content onto your mobile devices.  


Sign up for a free UltraViolet account, then look for movies and TV shows with the UltraViolet logo. You can add these shows to your digital library at no additional cost and stream them to a wide variety of devices. Just remember tha, as with all streaming content, if you are streaming via your network connection rather than Wi-Fi, you'll be tapping into your account's data package.

Then it's simply a matter of downloading any of the UltraViolet-compatible apps below, so you'll have instant access to your film collections over a variety of different platforms, including your smartphone or tablet.

The kids can start watching THE LEGO Movie through the VUDU app on their smartphones and then finish watching it with the Flixster app on your tablet. Best of all, most UltraViolet-compatible apps allow you to not only stream your movies in order to save on storage space, but also download them straight to your mobile device for rare times you find yourself without a data connection.

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