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Boost your home Wi-Fi with the Fios Network Extender.

Expand the reach of your home’s Wi-Fi with the Fios TM Network Extender.
Rent for $8/mo or buy for $119.99 (plus taxes and shipping).
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The Fios Network Extender is the perfect complement to your router.

Enhances the performance of your Wi-Fi signal in those hard-to-reach places in your home.

Ideal for larger homes with lots of devices connected to the network at the same time.

Setup couldn’t be simpler. Make sure there is a coaxial cable outlet nearby and plug in. No technician required.

Give your Wi-Fi the boost it needs in and around your home.

Obstacles such as concrete walls and household appliances (like microwaves) can weaken or even block your Wi-Fi signal. That’s why even the best routers need some help extending their range. Rent the Fios Network Extender for $8/mo or buy it for $119.99 (plus taxes and shipping).

See how it works.    Watch video
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Fios Network Extender appliance

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