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One Talk Enhancements

Check out the latest enhancements to the Verizon One Talk service. Revisit this page regularly to stay on top of all the latest news related to One Talk.

December 2020

Reporting & Analytics

  • Information to help improve business communications
    • Better understand business communications and call flows
    • Help improve customer and employee experience and satisfaction
    • Improve business decisions for customer responsiveness, retention, cost management, and employee productivity
    • Analyze One Talk usage

Visit our One Talk Features page for more information.

November 2020


  • Desk phones can place a paging call to all other One Talk capable desk phones on the same LAN.
    • Feature disabled by default and needs to be enabled on every desk phone wanting to send/receive a page.
    • Once a user presses the paging button, they can start speaking to broadcast their message. Message is played through the speakerphone.

Visit our One Talk Features page for more information.

October 2020

New Call Queue Feature

Incoming calls to a Call Queue line will be routed to available members/lines. This new functionality differs from a standard Hunt Group as calls will be placed in a queue (hold) if member/lines are busy, instead of routing to a Hunt Group cycle.

One Talk business features, including Call Queue, are configured and managed from the One Talk Admin Portal. Additional details on Call Queue can also be found in the One Talk Admin Portal Guide.

Queue size options:

  • 10 calls
  • 25 calls

Call routing options:

  • Callers can opt out of the queue.
  • Up to 4 recordings for entrance greetings and comfort messages. Up to 2 recordings for on-hold messages.
  • Wait message options: place in line or estimated wait time.

May 2020

New One Talk for Desktop R2 adds the following new features and improvements:

Voicemail Enhancements

  • One Talk desktop users can now upgrade from Basic Voicemail to either Basic Visual Voicemail (list based voicemail inbox) or Premium Visual Voicemail (includes message transcriptions)

Contact Enhancements

  • Bulk import local contacts from your Windows® PC or Apple® Mac® using a file
  • Download contacts from your Google™ & Microsoft ® Office 365 ® accounts

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

  • Line status monitoring for up to 50 lines (similar to One Talk T46 and T49 desk phones)

Personal Meeting Rooms

  • Add your list of personal meeting room links to the app, so that you can easily invite other parties to ad-hoc meetings

Settings Enhancements

  • Several improvements, such as the ability to send app feedback, more easily navigate to the log files and adjust your speaker & microphone settings

One Talk for Desktop is available on the following OS platforms:

  • Windows 8 (64 bit) and above
  • Mac OS 10.11 (64 bit) and above

Visit the One Talk downloads page to download the software.

April 2020

One Talk Site Qualification & Validation Web Tool

Verizon's One Talk Site qualification tool will allow you to perform a series of tests to help you determine the readiness of a business location, prior to or after the installation of One Talk devices. Ideally, you should use it to verify network quality before purchasing. The tool can only be accessed through a desktop browser on either a Windows® PC or a Mac®, and it is supported on the following browsers: ChromeTM, Firefox, Safari® and Microsoft® Edge®. This tool should not be accessed on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

Easy-to-use web tool - just enter the number of devices to be installed.

Performs a series of tests to help determine the technical readiness of a business location.

Verifies a customer’s broadband (ISP) capacity and quality before purchasing.

Use anytime after a One Talk implementation to test performance and help with support issues.

Access the One Talk Site Qualification and Validation Web Tool page.

Download the release notes (PDF*) for the Site Qualification & Validation tool.

September 2019

New One Talk Desk phones & Accessories

On September 26, 2019, we will be introducing two new desk phone models and five new accessories.

The two desk phone models are:

  • VZP59 – Executive Video Phone with Camera
  • CP960 – High end Conference Phone

Key Details:

  • The VZP59 is a next generation Video phone, replacing the current T49G
  • The CP960 is a higher end conference phone designed for larger conference rooms

The five new accessories are:

  • CPW90 Wireless Mics for the CP960
  • CPE90 Wired Mics for the CP960
  • YLPOE30 PoE Injector for the CP960
  • PSVP59 Power Supply for the VZP59
  • VP59HS Replacement Handset for the VZP59

One Talk Voicemail Enhancements

On 9/26/2019, a series of voicemail enhancements will be made available to our customers.

Summary of the enhancements:

  • One Talk Desk phones will be able to upgrade from Basic Voicemail to either Basic Visual Voicemail or Premium Visual Voicemail
  • One Talk Mobile Client (Android & iOS) will be able to upgrade from Basic Voicemail to either Basic Visual Voicemail or Premium Visual Voicemail
  • All One Talk Voicemail SFOs will have a new feature added to them (Voicemail to Email) at no extra cost to the current SFO used in the line (BVM, BVVM or PVVM)
  • One Talk Premium VVM will have the mailbox size expanded to 80 (currently limited to 40)

June 2019

One Talk for Desktop

One Talk for Desktop is a new app that turns your Windows® PC and Apple® Mac® into a One Talk powered business phone. You can make and receive business calls, manage your calls and send and receive text messages, without ever leaving your desktop.  Each One Talk user can install any combination of the One Talk desktop and mobile apps on up to 5 devices.

One Talk for Desktop is available on the following OS platforms:

  • Windows 8 (64 bit) and above
  • Mac OS 10.11 (64 bit) and above

Visit the One Talk downloads page to download the software.

March 2019

One Talk Caller Name ID

One Talk Caller Name ID is a service that provides proper caller identification on an incoming call, received by an active smartphone, desk phone and mobile clients (apps).

One Talk Caller Name ID is able to provide the basic contact details of incoming callers; the presentation of information is based on the user interface capabilities of the device. The following information will be presented for an incoming call received on either the Enhanced Dialer or the Mobile app

  • First and last name
  • Calling number

For calls routed by an Automated Receptionist or a Hunt Group to a One Talk desk phone and both versions of the Mobile App (Android™ and iOS), an additional piece of information presented on the device's screen. The additional information will provide the name of the AR or HG routing the call to the proper end point (VIA: Name of the AR or HG will display below the Name and Number of the originating caller).

Things to know about One Talk Caller Name ID:

  • The One Talk Caller Name ID SFO can be added to a smartphone, desk phone, mobile client and Hunt Group; the SFO is 86064
  • One Talk Caller Name ID doesn't require a contract and can be removed any time
  • One Talk Caller Name ID costs $2.99/month per line

Desk phone Business Directory Download

Businesses require the ability to have user information from their business associates, employees, vendors and partners to be automatically downloaded to One Talk desk phones

Desk phone Business Directory is a feature which will download information to an enabled One Talk desk phone from the following sections in the One Talk Portal:

  • Setup user info
  • Virtual On Net extensions
  • Automated Receptionist
  • Hunt Group

Business owners will have the ability to enable the feature and specify what desk phones in a given Group should receive the information. The user information can only be downloaded to desk phones; smartphones and mobile apps are not compatible with this feature.

Desk phones will receive the following information from the One Talk Portal:

  • Phone number
  • First and last name
  • Extension

Things to know about the Business Directory:

  • The Business Directory is a unidirectional push from the One Talk portal down to the desk phone(s)
  • The Business Directory is read-only; manual entries to it are not allowed
  • The Business Directory can only be updated through the One Talk portal
  • The maximum number of entries for each Directory (Local and Business) is 1000 entries

January 2019

New! Enhanced Dialer for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Mobility is at the core of your customers' business model. To do it right, they need easy-to-use, mobile-first communication solutions that work together with their bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives. That's exactly what One Talk Enhanced Dialer gives Verizon Wireless customers.

What is Enhanced Dialer?

Enhanced Dialer is available exclusively on select Verizon Samsung smartphones. After adding One Talk service to a compatible Verizon Wireless Samsung smartphones, business functions, including call transfer, hold, and call move are available during an active call from the Enhanced Dialer.

How does it work?

  • Have a Sales Representative add One Talk to your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ or add One Talk to either device using the My Business Portal.
  • During an active call, transfer a call, start a conference call or place a call on hold. You also have the ability to participate in One Talk Business Group features.

December 2018

New! One Talk T4xS Series - Desk Phone Models & Accessory

The new One Talk desk phones' HD Voice technology combines cutting-edge hardware and software with wideband technology for maximum acoustic performance.

The One Talk T4xS series supports efficient provisioning and effortless mass deployment with Verizon Wireless Zero Touch provisioning without any complex manual settings, which makes the T4xS series simple to deploy, easy to maintain and upgrade.

On 12/20/2018, five new models and a new USB Wi-Fi adapter were launched.

New desk phone models (SKUs): T41S, T41SW, T42S, T46S, T46SW
New Accessory (SKU): USB Wi-Fi Dongle WF50

Key Details:

One Talk T4xS series is the upgraded IP phone line for the current T4 P/G series.

All new models support Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi (2.4GHz & 5 GHz) and USB call recording.


New One Talk desk phones are eligible for the existing $85 Off One Talk Desk Phone Hardware Offer.*

*Offer ends 3/31/2019.

August 2018

New! One Talk CP920 Conference IP Phone

The CP920 is a perfect choice for small to medium conference rooms. The built-in 3-microphone array owns a 20-foot (6-meter) and 360-degree voice pickup range as if all participants are sitting across the table from each other!

CP920 key features:

  • Optima HD voice
  • Built in 3-microphone array
  • 20-foot, 360 degree voice pickup
  • PoE Support
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Local USB Call Recording* (requires USB storage drive)
  • CP920 includes Ethernet cable, wall power adaptor, Quick Start Guide, Quick Reference Guide

Learn more about the One Talk CP920 Conference IP Phone.

May 2018

Introducing Busy Lamp Field

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) allows One Talk desk phone users to monitor the status of other users in their group and answer incoming calls for the monitored extensions. For use on the One Talk T46G/T46GW using the EXP40 expansion module and T49G desk phone models. This desk-phone-only feature is configured and enabled using the One Talk portal by the SPOC or admin.

Once enabled, a single line appearance is presented for each monitored extension on the monitoring user's desk phone. The line appearance displays the state of the monitored extension's presence through the LED on the desk phone line key button. Users can answer an incoming call on the monitored extension using their line by pressing the BLF extension’s line button when that extension is ringing. Users can make use of other calling features, such as transfer and conference to manage calls.

Key Features:

  • Monitor up to 50 lines on a single desk phone.
  • Bridging and Busy Lamp Field (BLF) can be used on the same desk phone.
  • Monitored lines ONLY fill up line keys not already in use for Speed Dials or Intercom or Bridged Line keys.
  • Customer-configured Speed Dials or Intercom line keys are not overwritten or changed.
  • Monitored lines have to be in the same group within the account.
  • The monitoring desk phone receives an alert (beep) for incoming calls for monitored users, including a visual display on the desk phone that allows a call to be answered. If more than one incoming call for monitored lines is received, the lines are shown in the sequence they arrive. The visual display provides the caller information (from and to phone number).

For more information about the Busy Lamp Field, see:

One Talk FAQs
Busy Lamp Field Guide (PDF*)

February 2018

Introducing Music on Hold - Group Business Feature

Music on Hold allows your business to play system or custom music to a caller when placed "on hold" or when a call is "parked". When enabled, this feature eliminates the silence or dead air a customer experiences when placed on Hold. As a One Talk subscriber, this feature will be available at no additional cost and can be enabled from the One Talk portal.

Key Features:

  • Flexibility to set up Music on Hold for each specific Group within the same account
    Example: Group 1 enables Music on Hold and utilizes the default System Selection, Group 2 uses a custom audio file and Group 3 leaves the feature off
  • Choose from a default music selection or upload a custom audio file
  • Integration or use of external Music on Hold services is not supported at this time with One Talk

Custom Audio Files

To use or record your own legally usable music or announcement, make sure the resulting audio file meets the following criteria:

WAV file format:

  • CCITT, u-lawor a-law codec
  • 8 kHz (sampling rate/frequency)
  • 8-bit mono
  • 5 MB or less total file size

Recording Your Own Audio File

To record your own music or announcement, we recommend downloading and using the Broadsoft Recorder (searchable under that name from the Apple® App Store® or Google Play™ Store). The Broadsoft Recorder formats the recording for you, so it's simple to use.

Formatting an Existing Audio File

Alternatively, you can use other programs and applications such as G711.org to format existing Digital Rights Management (DRM) free audio files to the correct specifications.

For additional information regarding the Music on Hold feature, please see Enable / Disable Hold Music - One Talk Portal.

December 2017

New! One Talk IP DECT Cordless Phone

Increase your office's productivity. The One Talk IP DECT Cordless Phone supports up to 2 active calls and can sync up to 5 cordless handsets at a time. Help keep your business conversations private and secure using advanced TLS and SRTP security encryption. Not always at your desk? The One Talk IP DECT Cordless Phone boasts an impressive 150-foot indoor range and 900-foot (unobstructed) outdoor range, so your calls stay clearer from farther away.

Key Features:

  • Line share with another One Talk desk phone and mobile devices
    • One number, 3 line appearances (2 simultaneous calls on each handset)
    • Supports up to 3 active lines when using multiple handsets
    • Advanced calling features (Move, Conference, Transfer, Intercom, etc.)
    • Can be included with Auto Receptionist or Hunt Groups
    • Up to 30 hours talk time, 400 hours standby
  • W60 bundle includes base, handset, charging cradle / power supplies

For more information about the One Talk IP DECT Cordless Phone, see the One Talk DECT IP Phone User Guide (PDF*).

November 2017

Call Park & Retrieve

One Talk desk phone customers now have the ability to park an active call to another 2- 6-digit extension or full 10-digit number within the same group. Parking a call allows another employee with a different extension the ability to retrieve the call on their desk phone. You can also park a call to your own extension, which is similar to placing a call on hold, but with a ringback reminder.

The Call Park functionality is introduced in the desk phone firmware update starting on November 28, 2017. Desk phones with firmware version 20.28 and higher will support this new feature.

After the desk-phone firmware update, a new "Park" soft key button will be visible. When a call is parked to the desk phone, a "Retrieve" button will appear on your desk phone. In addition to the Park button, the End Call and Conference buttons are moved under a "More" button during an active call.

Important Details:

  • Only 1 call can be parked on any One Talk phone number at any time for retrieval within the same group. Attempts to park a second call (when 2 or more lines are in use) result in a fast busy tone.
  • Desk phone LCD screen displays notification that a call is parked and emits an audio beep every 15 seconds until call is retrieved.
    • Notification is cancelled if the user makes an outbound call, receives an incoming call or 45 seconds passes.
  • Calls stay parked for 45 seconds before ringing back to the One Talk phone number that parked the call, if not retrieved from the parked extension.
  • If multiple phones share the same number, each desk phone receives the Park notification.
  • Call Park notification beep volume can be increased or decreased, using the volume button. This volume setting is separate from the ringer volume.
  • The desk phone LCD screen will display notification that there is a parked call over the talking screen (even if an existing call is on hold). A user cannot use programmed speed dial keys after parking a call to enter the extension or phone number.
  • Calls cannot be parked to One Talk phone numbers or extensions in a different group.

For more information about Call Park & Retrieve, see:

One Talk FAQs
How it works
Park / Retrieve Call - Desk Phone - One Talk
Park / Retrieve Call - Mobile App / Basic Dialer - One Talk

October 2017

Multi-Location Support Enhancement - Groups

Businesses need the ability to communicate across multiple divisions or react more quickly when responding to a specialized customer request. One Talk now offers a number of enhanced portal features that make it easier for multi-site businesses and their employees to communicate and collaborate, even across long distances.

Important Details:

  • Group Management - Lets you set up groups for managing users by departments and sites. You can create an unlimited number of groups, with up to 1,000 users in each group.
  • Virtual On-Net Extensions - Create unlimited short codes and extensions for dialing external numbers such as 800 numbers and Employee's phones on the main office system.

Note: Moving a user between groups is a service change in the network. You must reset all devices registered to the user's line after the move has been completed to ensure minimal disruption in service.

Please visit the pages below for more detailed information:

September 2017

Caller Line ID Delivery Enhancement

Caller Line ID Delivery (the outbound calling number) has been enhanced to allow use of any 10-digit phone number (including 800 numbers) to be utilized and displayed as the outbound Caller ID phone number. Customers are no longer restricted to use of only One Talk phone numbers when enabling this group feature.

How Does Caller Line ID Delivery Work?

Caller Line ID Delivery is a Business or Group feature that when enabled, allows one phone number (10 digits) to display for outbound calls from all One Talk phone numbers in the group. Every outbound call made displays the same 10-digit phone number defined by the business administrator (SPOC) within the One Talk Portal in My Business. This is especially useful for businesses that want to have the primary business number as the call back ID for all outgoing calls.


  • Business administrator (SPOC) enables the Caller Line ID Delivery feature and inputs 111-222-3333 as the 10-digit phone number.
  • Sales agent makes an outbound call to a customer. The customer receives the call and the Caller ID displays 111-222-3333. The 111.222.3333 displays as the outbound Caller Line ID for all One Talk phone numbers in the group.

Important Details

  • At initial setup, the Caller Line ID Delivery is set as a default to "Use individual numbers", meaning the individual's One Talk phone number displays to others when making outbound calls.
  • When activated by the SPOC, all One Talk numbers display the phone number entered by the SPOC when making outbound calls with the exception of calls made to 911.
    • When dialing 911, the 911 operator will see the originator's 'actual' device phone number instead of the CLID number entered in the portal.
  • Segregating specific One Talk phone numbers within a group in order to display their individual number is not supported at this time.
  • Customers should be cognizant of the phone number entered into the Caller Line ID Delivery field in the One Talk Portal in My Business as callers will attempt to call back the number shown in their device call logs.

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