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FiOS Internet

It'll get your heart racing


Check out what FiOS Internet has to offer. See our individual
plans or bundle with other FiOS services to save even more.

The Fastest Internet Plans for You

There's a speed and price plan with your name on it – including our FiOS Quantum speeds ranging from 50/25 Mbps to 500/100 Mbps.

Most Popular Internet Plans

Find the perfect plan for the day to day. What is Mbps?
Verizon Wi-Fi included with 15/5 Mbps plans and higher.
Internet Speed Plans
Download 1 HD Movie
Upload 200 Photos
Monthly Pricing
Green background Motor boat icon indicating 15/5 Mbps speed


Great for everyday browsing, email, shopping and social networking.


Minutes (5GB)


Minutes (250MB)


for 1 year. $69.99/mo. for months 13-24 (plus taxes, fees & equip. charges) WITH 2-YR. AGMT.

Orange background Motorcycle icon indicating 50/25 Mbps speed


Upload and download in a flash. Plus, play games and stream videos virtually lag-free—ideal for watching Redbox Instant titles.


Minutes (5GB)


Minutes (250MB)


for 1 year. $79.99/mo. for months 13-24 (plus taxes, fees & equip. charges) WITH 2-YR. AGMT.

Red background sports car icon indicating 75/35 Mbps speed


The gold standard in computing speeds. Perfect for households that enjoy streaming content on the Internet on multiple devices at the same time.


Minutes (5GB)


Seconds (250MB)


for 1 year. $89.99/mo. for months 13-24 (plus taxes, fees & equip. charges) WITH 2-YR. AGMT.

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Most Powerful Internet Plans

These mighty FiOS Quantum speeds—available in certain areas—will take your breath away.
Internet Speed Plans
Download 1 HD Movie
Upload 200 Photos
Monthly Pricing
Blue background Jet icon indicating 150/65 Mbps speed


Premiere speed for serious Internet users. Multiple devices doing intense activities all at once are no match for this speed.


Minutes (5GB)


Seconds (250MB)


for 2 years (plus taxes, fees & equip. charges) WITH 2-YR. AGMT.

Purple background Spaceship icon indicating 300/65 Mbps speed


Rocket fuel for multiple hardcore Internet users. Connect all your devices and push them to their limits.


Minutes (5GB)


Seconds (250MB)


plus taxes & fees with 2-yr. agmt.

Dark purple background Lightning icon indicating 500/100 Mbps speed


The ultimate in supersonic speed. We're talking lots of users and lots of devices downloading, uploading, streaming, and sharing files—all at the same time.


Minutes (5GB)


Seconds (250MB)


plus taxes & fees with 2-yr. agmt.

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Build Your Own Bundle
FiOS available in select areas. 500/100Mbps service availability may be limited in your area based on network qualification requirements. $4.99 wireless router fee & other fees., taxes, equip. changes & terms may apply. Activation fee waived via bill credit. Subj. to credit approval & may require a deposit. FiOS avail. in select areas.
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How FiOS Internet Compares

See how FiOS blows away cable internet
  • FiOS Quantum Logo 50/25 Mbps
  • VS
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Equipment & Installation

Get the right FiOS Internet setup for you.
Verizon black and red upright wireless router with two antennae

Get Your FiOS Advantage Wi-Fi Router*

It's Verizon lab tested and approved for the FiOS network.
And your whole house will be Wi-Fi connected!

  • Share internet access, printers, files and more with everyone in the house at the same time.
  • Keep your devices safe with high-level security features including advanced firewall options.
  • Set parental controls and customize filters for home Wi-Fi connections.

Home networking has never been more simple. Everything you need—how tos, tips and support can be found on our Support site.

*Additional fee for the FiOS Advantage Wi-Fi Router will apply.


FiOS Installation

Don't sweat getting connected! Our self-install option is quick, easy and on your schedule! Also, we always offer a technician to install for you. Either way, it's fast and professional.

Take Charge with Self-Install

If your home is already wired for FiOS (we'll let you know during ordering) you can get connected in about 30 minutes. It's quick, easy and you can do it on your own schedule.

1. Receive your Self Install Kit — it includes everything you need to get your service up and running.

2. Plug in — Simple to follow instructions with easy color coded cables.

3. Power on — Follow the onscreen instructions to activate and you're good to go!


We'll Take Care of It

Kick back and let us take care of everything:

1. Pick your install date — We'll even come out on nights and weekends.

2. Put your feet up — Our techs will bring the cables and equipment to get you connected. Just make sure someone 18 or older is there.

3. Take a test drive — Once everything is up and running, we'll give you a demo and answer any questions.


Customer Support & Service

FiOS service always comes with the peace of mind you deserve.

It's Nice to be Recognized

Service You Can Count On

FCC tests show that FiOS Internet provides
more consistent speed than cable Internet. See
Broadband Performance Report for FiOS Internet
and Verizon Network Management Guide for
Broadband Internet Access Services.

Federal Communications Commission logo
#1 According to PC Mag

Rated #1 in overall tech support,
FiOS Internet is also a PC Mag Readers'
Choice Award winner 8 years in a row.

PC Magazine Readers’ Choice Award 8 years in a row icon

Reprinted from, with permission. © 2013 Ziff Davis, Inc. All rights reserved.

Measuring Broadband America, FCC Report released Feb 2013.


Options to keep you safer than ever

More and more online dangers like identity theft, viruses and spyware
threaten you and your family every day. Verizon Internet Security Suite
Multi-Device gives you the consistent coverage you can depend on.

FiOS Mcafee Logo
  • Online Protection - Protect all your PCs, Macs, Android smartphones and tablets so you can safely shop,
    search and bank online everyday.
  • Family Protection - Keep your children safe by blocking questionable content and monitoring their online
    activities with enhanced parental control software.
Plans start at $6.99/month plus taxes (unlimited licenses)
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