Verizon Candidate
Privacy Notice


This Notice explains how Verizon will use your personal data relating to the talent acquisition, recruitment and pre-hire process. It applies to you if you are applying for a role at Verizon or if you are interested in joining a Verizon talent network. Additional information relating to the processing of your personal data by Verizon is contained in Verizon’s International Privacy Notice for individuals residing in non-US countries and our California Personnel Notice for individuals in California.

When we refer to "Verizon" in this document we mean the Verizon company that is providing you with the Verizon Careers website (Verizon Corporate Resources Group LLC) and any Verizon company to which you are applying for a role. In some countries these Verizon companies would be known as the Data Controllers under data protection laws. If you are applying to roles with more than one Verizon company, each of them will be acting as the Data Controller of your personal data because they each will decide how it will be used.If you have any questions about any aspect of this notice or how Verizon handles your information, you can contact the appropriate Privacy Team based on your location.

If you are based in the US:

If you are based outside the US:

1. What personal data do we collect directly from you?

We collect certain information directly from you when you join a talent network, indicate interest in Verizon career opportunities, or apply for a role. We provide some examples in the remainder of this paragraph. 

When you create a user account on the Verizon Careers website you will be asked for your email address and a password. This will enable you to apply for job vacancies and monitor the status of your application.

When you register for a Verizon talent network you will be asked for your name, email address and certain other personal information in CV/resume format. 

When you apply for a role at a Verizon company, you will complete an online application and provide personal data which may include additional contact details (for example postal address and telephone number) as well as information relating to your education, experience and career history. We may ask you for additional personal data to assist us with our recruitment process and in the event you are offered a job.

You may also be asked to provide Verizon with personal data of other people. For example, we may ask you to provide the contact information of your previous employer so that Verizon can validate your previous experience. In those circumstances, you will need to ask those people for permission to share their personal data with us, and for Verizon to use it in accordance with this privacy notice; you can share this notice with them. Your previous employer might ask you for your confirmation that they can share information with Verizon. 

We will also collect some information from you automatically when you use our websites, including data collected using cookies and other device identifying technologies. More information about the way we use this information is available in the International Privacy Notice for individuals residing in non-US countries and our California Personnel Notice for individuals in California.

We are required in some locations including the US to ask you about your disability status, gender, race, ethnicity, and veteran status. You are not required to provide this information, and declining to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment. Alternatively, you might voluntarily provide Verizon with information of this type, or information about your health.

If you send us your resume or CV by email or by post, or ask an existing Verizon employee to pass it to the Talent Acquisition team, the personal data it contains will be processed in accordance with this notice.

2. What information do we collect from other sources?

Personal data that we obtain about you from other sources might include:

  • information we receive from your reference in support of your application; 
  • background check information from employment screening agencies or publicly available registers (as allowed by law); 
  • publicly available professional profiles on websites or social media (e.g. LinkedIn) (as allowed by law). 

Online employment sites and social media sites may have their own privacy policies explaining how they use and share your personal data. You should carefully review those privacy policies before you use these sites to make sure that you understand how your personal data is being collected and shared.

3. What do we do with your personal data?

We use your personal information in the following ways:

  • To identify you and create a careers account on the Verizon Careers Website;
  • To give you the information you have requested about vacancies;
  • To keep you on the online talent networks you have chosen to join;
  • To communicate with you, including in relation to your application(s) or roles you might be interested in, and respond to your queries and requests;
  • To facilitate and assess any application you make to Verizon;
  • To allow us to improve user experience with our websites;
  • To fulfil legal rights and obligations, including reporting obligations, relevant to your application and Verizon’s recruitment activities;
  • To assist in any disputes, claims or investigations relating to the application process.

4. What legal basis do we have for collecting and using your personal data?

In some jurisdictions, Verizon must have a lawful basis to process personal data. In most cases the lawful basis will be one of the following: 

  • To meet our legitimate interests, for example to give you access to information you have asked for about jobs at Verizon, to assess an application, manage our recruitment process effectively and to protect Verizon against risk. When we process  personal data to meet our legitimate interests, we put in place robust safeguards to ensure that your privacy is protected and to balance Verizon’s needs with your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms. 
  • To comply with our legal obligations, for example  to obtain proof of your right to work status or to fulfil legal reporting obligations.
  • Your consent to Verizon’s use of your personal data, for example because you want to keep up to date with opportunities with Verizon.

5. How long will Verizon keep my personal data?

We only keep your personal data, including personal data which relates to an application (whether successful or not) for as long as we need to, to be able to use it for the reasons given in this privacy notice and for as long as we are required to keep it by law.

We will delete your personal information when it is no longer required for these purposes. If there is any information that we are unable, for technical reasons, to delete entirely from our systems, we will put in place appropriate measures to prevent any further processing or use of the data.

We may keep personal data which you provide generally, or in relation to no particular application (for example your log-in details on the Verizon Careers website or information you volunteer on that site) for a limited period so that we can keep you informed of other roles which might interest you. Your Verizon Careers account will be deleted one year after the last activity on your account if no applications have been submitted.

6. Who else will have access to my personal data?

Verizon is a global enterprise comprised of a group of companies that operate internationally and is headquartered in the United States. We may share your personal data among the Verizon group of companies located in other countries if it is necessary for the purposes described in this notice. These Verizon companies are bound, as required by law, to ensure that personal data is  adequately protected as explained in Section 8 “How is my personal data protected” below.

Verizon might also need to make some personal data available to a law enforcement agency, court, regulator, government authority or other third parties. We might share your personal data with these parties where this is necessary to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation, or otherwise to protect our rights or the rights of any third party.

Verizon uses suppliers to provide some services, for example to administer our talent networks, list our jobs, perform applicant testing and (if your application is successful) reference checking, and to provide audit and administrative services as well as IT technologies (e.g. data storage) and security services. In these instances Verizon gives these suppliers personal data so that they can provide the service, and we ensure that the suppliers commit to protect the personal data (see Section 8 “How is my personal data protected?”)

7. Where is my personal data kept?

Verizon processes and stores personal data of candidates and potential candidates in access-controlled, centralized databases as well as electronic and paper files which may be in the United States, your home country or elsewhere. The electronic databases are controlled by authorized administrative Verizon staff and can be accessed only by authorized Verizon staff or third party users who might be located outside your country. Third parties who receive personal data might be located in the United States or in other countries. Some of these countries might not provide the same legal protections for personal data as your home country. In addition, personal data might be accessible by the courts, law enforcement and national security authorities in the countries where it is located. In these circumstances your personal data is protected as required by law as outlined in the Section 8 “How is my personal data protected?”.

8. How is my personal data protected?

Verizon is committed to maintaining the security of your personal data and has comprehensive corporate policies regarding information security. Verizon will protect personal data wherever it is stored and when it is transferred to other Verizon companies or to third parties, has safeguards in place in accordance with applicable law to ensure that your personal data will, at all times and in all locations, be adequately protected to the standards required by applicable data protection laws.

When personal data is transferred:

  • Between Verizon companies, it is protected by our corporate policies and, where applicable, by intra-group agreements, Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) or other approved mechanisms.
  • To a third party supplier or service provider, we will ensure that the supplier or service provider commits to protect your personal data through appropriate terms and conditions in the contract.

What are my rights?

In certain jurisdictions, there might be data protection laws that provide you with some or all of the following rights:

  • The right to update and correct the personal data which Verizon holds about you.
  • The right to object to the processing of your personal data by Verizon, or request that the processing by Verizon be restricted or the personal data is deleted. If you do so, you may not be able to take full advantage of a career at Verizon and progress an application.
  • The right to request access to the personal data held about you by Verizon. You can do this by contacting your recruitment contact at Verizon or through the International Privacy Request form.
  • The right to contact the supervisory data protection authority in your home country if you have a formal complaint or objection regarding the processing of your personal data by Verizon.
  • The right to lodge a complaint with the supervising data protection authority of your home country if you believe there has been a breach of your privacy rights.

Local laws might provide additional rights to you.

If you no longer want to be contacted by Verizon about other job opportunities or if any of the information that you have provided to Verizon changes (for example if you change your e-mail address, name or postal address) you can update or amend your information at any time by:

  • Logging into your account on the Verizon careers portal and changing your preferences and information;
  • Using an unsubscribe option included in email correspondence;
  • Sending an email to us at (if you are in the US) or (if you are outside the US); or

You can also ask us to remove personal information about you or limit its use by deleting your Verizon Careers account.

9. Contact us

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, or would like to make a complaint about how we use the personal information we hold about you, please contact our Privacy Team:

  • (if you are in the US) by submitting a privacy inquiry form
  • (if you are outside the US) by email

10. Changes to the notice

Verizon might make changes to this Notice from time to time. By sharing your personal data with us, and by continuing to use the Verizon Careers website(s), you confirm that you have read and understood the terms of this Notice and the Verizon Privacy Policy.

Last modified December 2021