Changes include being able to send data as a gift and other things to make your life easier.

Verizon Messages has gotten a makeover, and it’s awesome. Send last-minute eGifts, turn your tablet into a phone, even give extra data as a present. Here’s what you need to know:

1. What is Verizon Messages?

Verizon Messages is so much more than your typical messaging app. The service lets you send eGifts and schedule messages and even allows you to make and receive calls from your tablet using your phone number.

2. What are Verizon Messages’ new features?

You can send data as a gift through Verizon Messages with your Android™ Device or through Those receiving data can redeem instantly or bank it for later.

Another change is that you can use a credit card on your Android device to purchase eGifts from dozens of brands including Nordstrom and Amazon®.

And if you have Advanced Calling—a free service that enables HD Voice and Simultaneous Voice and Data—Verizon Messages lets you make voice calls with your tablet. You can make calls whether you’re on the network or Wi-Fi, domestic or international.

3. What’s an eGift?

It’s an easy and convenient way to send electronic gifts (eGifts) directly to your friends’ and families’ mobile phones.

Here’s how you do it: Simply choose someone from your Verizon Messages contacts, tap the “+” attachments button, click on eGifts and choose the retailer and amount you want to gift. It’s as easy as sending a picture message, and—even better—you can charge up to $100 per month to your Verizon bill.
But you now also have the option of using your credit card to buy eGifts (Android only). That means you can enjoy the added flexibility of being able to spend more than $100 per month on eGifts.


4. How do I get Verizon Messages?

If your app updates aren’t automatically downloaded, you’ll need to do so via Google Play™ or the Apple® App Store to take advantage of Verizon Messages’ latest features.

If you are eligible to eGift, you will automatically get the update once it’s available (eligibility, restrictions and conditions apply to the electronic gifting feature).