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Cable may claim that they have used fiber for years, but only Verizon Fios brings a 100% fiber-optic network to your home to give you unmatched bandwidth capacity. Experts agree that Fios network technology is the Gold Standard for Internet and entertainment delivery, and now Fios offers equally fast upload and download speeds.

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We’ve laid down enough fiber-optic wires to circle the globe 7 times.

As of 2014, the Fios Network is available to more than 15 million homes with fiber technology in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic U.S.

Fios has undergone one of the nation’s largest infrastructure projects to build out our premier fiber network. We have built a network for the 21st Century and beyond. You won’t have to change your internet provider in order to keep up with the latest technology! See how we got America ready for the 21st Century and beyond.

“Verizon’s speedy and highly reliable fiber-to-the-home service continues to set the standard for how Internet service providers should be judged.” -

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