5 features that make a smartphone a great holiday gift

Wondering what gifts will make the greatest impact this holiday season? Whether you’re shopping for a senior, teen, tween, or anyone in between, smartphones make great holiday gifts and come with many new and improved features that make users' lives easier. From the convenience of wireless charging to the ability to take professional-quality photos, smartphones help us preserve our memories, stay connected to our loved ones, and much more. Here are five of the top features that make smartphones a great gift for anyone in your life, and which smartphones you should shop this holiday season. 

Improved cameras.

One of the more impressive features that have come with smartphones in recent years are new and improved camera systems. From the introduction of “Portrait Mode” to ultra-HD video capability and beyond, smartphone cameras are now better than ever before.

Take the camera system on iPhone 15 Pro Max, for example; featuring a 48MP Main camera with an advanced quad-pixel sensor, and the ability to capture much more detail in much less light. This means you can take your best shots even when it’s dark out and can rely on features like Portrait Mode to capture professional-grade photos on your smartphone. 

iPhone 15 Pro Max also has a large, high-resolution screen, making it a great smartphone for seniors who may struggle to see on smaller screens. iPhone 15 Pro Max is a great, top-of-the-line choice for any smartphone user– especially those interested in phone photography or better smartphone visibility.

Samsung Galaxy cameras have also come a long way, with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, for example, featuring an impressive 108MP resolution camera– the highest available on a smartphone. And, with the S23 Ultra, you can rewrite the rules of light when you shoot videos with Nightography mode.

Facial recognition and advanced security technology.

Recent models of Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel all come with facial recognition technology, making them more secure than ever before. Facial recognition technology works by using biometric 3D mapping of a user’s face to ensure it’s them when attempting to unlock the smartphone– meaning someone who isn’t you couldn’t unlock your smartphone and access its features without knowing your password as a back-up.

Other security features in modern smartphones include password generators and management tools to keep your online accounts more secure, as well as features to help find your phone if it ever goes missing, and so on. These features in newer smartphone models make them particularly great gifts for teens who may be new to the smartphone and social media worlds, helping them better monitor their online presence and smartphone usage. 

Stylus pens and other accessories.

As smartphones have become more sophisticated, smartphone accessories have, too. Some smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, come with stylus pen compatibility, making them great for note taking, photo editing, and any other precise actions you’d like to take by hand. With a stylus pen you can take hand-written notes and experience a more tablet-like experience with your smartphone, making it better for productivity and precision all the while.

Other accessories that have debuted in recent years include impressive, wireless headphones like Apple AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, which allow users to enjoy wireless, hands-free listening experiences with their smartphones. This makes smartphones the perfect gift for anyone on the go, as users can now use earbuds to talk and listen to their favorite audio on their smartphones without any wired connections holding them back. 

Wireless charging.

Another wireless feature that’s made smartphone usage even more convenient in recent years is the invention of wireless charging, and more smartphones support this capability now than ever before. 

Apple, for example, has introduced a line of MagSafe chargers that allow users to wirelessly charge their iPhone using MagSafe technology. The perfectly aligned magnets attach to your MagSafe device and provide faster wireless charging– compatible devices including iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and later models, and even AirPods Pro and your wireless charging case. With this kind of convenience at your disposal, wireless charging makes smartphones a great gift for anyone in your life that’s always on the go (and doesn’t want to worry about slowing down to charge). 

Additionally, accessories like mophie Snap Adapter Ring with MagSafe allow users with different brands to use MagSafe wireless chargers, too. This upgrade kit attaches easily to the back of your Qi-enabled smartphone to add MagSafe and snap compatibility, making it ideal for families who want to share chargers but may use different smartphone models or brands.

Shatterproof screens and other durability features.

If you’re looking for smartphones for kids this holiday season, you may be relieved to know that most modern smartphones come reinforced with shatterproof screens and other features that make them more durable and resistant to drops, scuffs, scratches, and life’s little spills. 

Apple iPhone 15, for example, comes with a durable design that's water and dust-resistant. This means that your iPhone can handle the occasional accident, and you don’t have to worry about every little spill or mess you encounter. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is also known for its durable, foldable design, making it another standout in this category. With water resistance also built in, and a pocketable size and shape, this phone plays into both form and function, keeping convenience and durability in mind in its sleek design.

No matter which smartphone you choose, they’ll all make great gifts for anyone in your life this holiday season. From the durable and super-secure to the professional-quality camera systems, smartphones are more impressive now than ever before– and they’re only getting better. 

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