Agency steps
up security with
authorized solution.

Real-time collaboration
helps agency meet strict
FedRAMP standards.


The agency needed to implement secure collaboration between its internal resources and external agencies across the country.

  • Replacing costly, end-of-life legacy equipment
  • Addressing stringent FedRAMP security requirements
  • Building a network to retain current licensing environment


Verizon helped the agency step up security, even teaming with Cisco during the FedRAMP authorization process.

  • Integrating Cisco Webex with Cloud Connected Audio (CCA) with Cisco Unified Workspace Licenses (UWL)
  • Teaming with Cisco during FedRAMP authorization process for Webex and Cisco Jabber and CCA
  • Training and supporting IT employees


With cost-effective, cloud-based video conferencing that connects all workers securely, the agency can stay focused on innovation.

  • Power secure, real-time collaboration for over 20,000 users in 70 locations across the U.S.
  • Attract next-generation talent with state-of-the-art technology and a common experience on any device
  • Improve budget accuracy with predictable port charging
  • Address stringent security protocols with FedRAMP-authorized products and deployment


How we built the solution.

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