Voice services

Drive better, more personalized customer experiences (CX) in your contact centers using Verizon voice services running on our award-winning network.


Consistent CX

Help boost brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction by delivering a consistent CX.

Improved productivity

Help increase the productivity of your contact centers and agents with our innovative voice services.

Time savings

Reduce customer call handling times using traffic-routing and call-balancing functionalities.

Cost efficient

Control costs with affordable contact-center technologies and services.

Products and services

IP Contact Center

IP Contact Center is a Voice over IP (VoIP)-based voice calling solution for contact centers that includes multiple originating calling options and number types, as well as terminating options including IPIVR.

Toll Free & Inbound Services

Route incoming calls across our intelligent network.

Network Based IVR Services

Automate interactions with your callers.

Voice Call Back Cloud

Optimize retention with cloud-based queue management.


Help improve CX with IP Contact Center.

Balance call loads and help drive improved CX with Verizon IP Contact Center Solutions.

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Create a personalized customer experience.

Learn how to realign your objectives to deliver a personalized, customer-first experience.

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Cloud contact center technology: Empowering your employees

Provide your agents with the tools they need to work reliably and securely, whether they’re working in the office or remotely.

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How intelligent routing can improve the contact center experience

Find out how intelligent routing can help guide customers to the right resources to solve their problems and keep them satisfied.

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A cloud contact center is a hosted software solution that enables agents to receive incoming and outgoing communications from their desktops. Today’s cloud-based contact centers allow customers to communicate across multiple channels, including phone, email, text, social media and more. 

Unlike on-premises systems or hosted contact centers, a cloud contact center isn’t tied to a specific server or physical location. Instead, anyone in your team can access it from virtually anywhere through the cloud.

Cloud contact-center platforms still rely on a network to deliver inbound and outbound communications. The network needs to be reliable, scalable and secure.

Cloud contact centers allow customers to communicate via multiple channels, including voice, email, text, chat, social media and others, so customers can get the answers they need quickly. They also enable agents to communicate with customers in a call center or remotely. Cloud contact-center platforms can help improve CX, as well as the agent experience.


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