Offer exceptional customer experiences.

Give your customers more options in their interactions with your business and help create more meaningful and immersive experiences.


Optimized inventory

Manage your inventory more closely with data that can help you keep the right amount of stock on hand.

Enhanced engagement

Enable customers to shop and make more informed purchase decisions.

Empowered employees

Leverage advanced technologies that help employees stay focused on customer service activities and other value-added tasks.

Use cases and success stories

Connected retail

Learn how delivering augmented reality (AR)-enabled product information and inventory tracking creates new experiences.

5G built right for shopping

Watch how Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is enabling volumetric data and holographic technology for companies like Evercoast to bring products to life in real time.

IoT connected devices

HarperDB powers connected devices to boost Edison Interactive's advertising reach.

Integrate your physical location and growing online presence in ways that delight and support your customers.

5G technology and artificial intelligence (AI) can give retailers real-time insights to help manage their operations more efficiently.

5G Edge Cashierless Checkout

Enable low-friction checkout to reduce transaction times and boost customer experiences.

5G Edge Crowd Analytics

Help facilitate crowd movement and management strategies.


How 5G MEC supports new experiences

5G networks can provide customers and retailers with faster data access and will have a profound impact on how people shop.

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5G e-guide

Get started in 5G with a guide to what it is, how it works and where it may be headed.

Aug 10, 2021 ,  14 min read

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Build trust through your customer experience strategy

Create lasting relationships by offering greater transparency, follow-through and care to the people interacting with your organization.


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