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Work with the power of Google AI. On the network America relies on.

Back of a Pixel 8 Pro

Get a new Pixel 8 Pro on us.

Switch and get a new Pixel 8 Pro 128 GB on us. With select trade-in and Business Unlimited plan. 

Taxes & fees apply. New line w/device payment purchase agmt & Business Unlimited Pro plan req’d. 0% APR. Up to $999.99 credit, varying by smartphone trade-in, applied to acct over the term of your agmt (up to 36 mos); promo credit ends when eligibility requirements are no longer met. Monthly credits begin 2-3 bills after trade-in is received by VZ. Smartphone trade-in must be received by VZ w/in 90 days & meet program requirements. Most trade-in device conditions accepted; exclusions apply. 10-line trade-in limit per order. Cannot be combined with other device offers. Pixel 8 Pro 128 GB monthly smartphone fee after credit: $0. Limited time offer.
Back of a Pixel 7a

Get a Pixel 7a on us.

New line and select Business Unlimited plan required.

Taxes and fees apply. New line with device payment purchase and Business Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Pro plan required. 0% APR. $549.99 credit applied to account over the term of your agreement (up to 36 months); promo credit ends when eligibility requirements are no longer met. Credits begin in 2-3 bills and will include appropriate discounts from order date. Cannot be combined with other device offers. Monthly smartphone fee after credit: $0. Offer available for a limited time while supplies last.


Google benefits


With powerful Google technology, apps and more, your team can work together and problem-solve quickly.


Utilize next-level biometric security features to help protect your device and keep private data private.

AI technology

Cater to your business and enhance your team’s experience with powerful processors and Google AI technology.

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Google Workspace

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Google phones offer essential benefits for businesses, including collaboration features, enhanced security and advanced AI technology. With seamless integration with Google Workspace (sold separately), strong security features and the use of Google AI, these devices can help you streamline workflows, protect data and boost efficiency.

Google phones offer a wide array of features and capabilities tailored to meet the demands of business users. With robust security features, seamless integration with Google apps and advanced productivity tools, Google phones empower businesses to stay productive on the go. Enjoy secure access to emails, documents and files with built-in security features and regular security updates. Collaborate effortlessly with colleagues through apps like Google Meet and Google Drive for smooth communication and file sharing. 

Additionally, Google phones boast advanced AI capabilities, such as Google Assistant, which can streamline tasks and enhance productivity. Whether you're managing emails, attending virtual meetings or accessing important documents, Google phones provide the tools and functionality to support your business needs effectively.

Google devices prioritize the security of sensitive business data through advanced features such as the Google Tensor G3 and certified Titan M2 security chip. These elements, coupled with cybersecurity measures like Passkeys for secure authentication, create a resilient defense against phishing and data breaches. With years of security updates and automatic Feature Drops, Google phones offer ongoing protection, allowing your team to focus on client value.

At Verizon Business, we offer a range of deals on Google phones and devices to enhance your connectivity and productivity. If you're looking for savings on device purchases, Verizon Business has options to help your business stay connected. Visit our Mobile Deals page to explore our latest offers!


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