Cloud Contact Center

Deliver the ultimate customer experience with unified customer interactions, built-in AI and rich customer experience (CX) platforms.


Reduced friction

Give customers a simple and effortless journey, including being able to move from one channel to another easily without having to reenter information or repeat an issue’s context.

AI driven

Integrate customer touchpoints with AI-driven, all-in-one platforms for voice, digital and workforce engagement that scales and is easy to use.

Empowered agents

Empower employees with the tools they need to make their jobs easier, to add efficiency and to deliver better CX.

Personalized CX

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with data-  and analytics-driven CX personalization that recognizes customer interactions and tailors their individual experiences accordingly.


Virtual Contact Center (VCC)

Engage customers, empower agents and build personalized experiences that help set your business apart.

Genesys Cloud

Enable customer interactions with an advanced, cloud-based contact center platform.

Webex Contact Center

Engage your customers through our next-generation cloud contact center.

Customer success stories

Toymaker unifies communications to scale service.

Verizon cloud-based solutions work together to help a toy manufacturer scale to meet a 300% increase in holiday demand.

Global Bank improves customer service.

Unifying its contact centers onto a single platform helped this bank do more than improve experiences.


How Verizon’s CX solutions can change the customer experience game

With customer expectations higher than ever, companies must be ready to predict customer needs and fulfill them from virtually anywhere.

White Paper

Everywhere all at once

How personalized, proactive customer service creates next-generation customer experiences.

Feb 27, 2024 ,  8 min read

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The 8 questions for organizations considering their cloud contact center strategy

Your cloud contact center is the central nervous system for your business. That’s why you need to be wary of low-cost and easy-to-deploy promises.

Jun 30, 2021 ,  9 min read

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How to use AI in business to gain a competitive advantage

Finding the right balance between AI and human interactions—and appropriate transparency around the use of AI in business—will be increasingly important.

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What is proactive customer service and how can it help your business?

Businesses can benefit from taking a proactive customer service approach that anticipates what a customer needs before they reach out to ask.

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A customer service or call center platform offering advanced features and  technology in the cloud. CCaaS platforms are usually provided by a third party and typically include core technologies like automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR),  AI, workforce management tools, analytics and more.

A hosted contact center is a communications solution tied to a physical server.

A cloud contact center leverages cloud computing, so there is no need for direct network connections or client-side infrastructure or physical servers.

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