• Protect your company, vehicle and customer data.



  • The more connections you have, the more protections you need. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and are constantly on the lookout for where they might exploit vulnerabilities.

    We can help you understand the internal and external threats to your critical company data and vehicles, and help you build security into your innovation efforts. We can also help you secure critical infrastructure, assets and data in your manufacturing process, no matter where they are located, from the cloud to mobile to the factory.

    Watch our webinar on how to combine people, processes and technology to help identify and contain advanced cyberattacks.

Featured resources

  • DBIR cover

    2022 Data Breach Investigations Report

    Gain vital insights into security strategies and how to minimize vulnerability to cyber attacks. Read our in-depth analysis of 23,896 incidents from organizations around the world.

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  • Get the latest mobile security insights from industry experts to better understand your risks and attack surface.

    Mobile Security Index 2021

    Get the latest mobile security insights from industry experts to better understand your risks and attack surface.

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  • Learn why chief executives need visibility into the cybersecurity risks the company faces.

    Why CEOs need visibility into cybersecurity threat intelligence

    Learn why chief executives need visibility into the cybersecurity risks the company faces—and how they can get it.

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Key products and services

    • Managed Detection and Response

    • Quickly identify and respond to security incidents in your automotive ecosystem with this end-to-end security-as-a-service offering.

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    • Mobile Device and Endpoint Security

    • Help protect customer and business data on devices and vehicles across the automotive ecosystem.

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    • Incident Response and Investigation

    • Accelerate your response, minimize damage and speed recovery from a cyberattack by leveraging our extensive incident response expertise and global threat intelligence.

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  • Visualize the future of the automotive industry.

  • Explore our interactive simulation of the vehicle of the future and how they can transform smart cities and auto manufacturing.

Managed and Professional Services

From design and implementation to analytics and maintenance, our consultants have the deep industry expertise needed to help you develop strategies that will drive results.

Products and services for the auto industry

Take a closer look at some of the technologies and professional services that can bring digital transformation to the auto industry.

  • 5G icon

    5G Edge

    Help prioritize safe and efficient fully autonomous vehicles by connecting vehicles to each other and their surroundings in near real time.

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  • 5G icon

    5G Ultra Wideband

    Leverage lower latency and massive capacity to help make new automotive innovations a reality.

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  • Tablet and mobile phone

    Wireless Private Network

    Stay connected to critical tools and data anywhere our wireless network is available.

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  • Location tracking

    Verizon Connect

    Get complete modular, end-to-end OEM automotive solutions designed for every stage of your connected vehicle program.

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  • Headset

    Contact center and CX solutions

    Integrate all customer touch points and innovations like speech recognition, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to personalize service and create a seamless connection.

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  • smart communities 400x400

    Smart Communities

    Quickly and cost-effectively support initiatives for managing roadways, utilities and transportation systems.

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  • network 400x400

    Network as a Service

    Quickly scale your network to adapt to new capabilities and support delivery of dynamic applications and services.

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  • Network connection

    Network Detection and Response

    Drive near real-time and retrospective threat detection, visualization and compliance reporting.

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  • Cloud

    Network and Cloud Security

    Reduce complexity, control costs and fortify your network infrastructure at—and beyond—the edge.

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Valuable resources and information

  • Here are all our valuable resources around 5G, Edge computing and connectivity as it relates to the automotive industry.
  • Next steps to future readiness

    Based on the analysis of surveys, plus our experience with many digital transformations—including our own—we’ve identified eight recommendations to improve your future readiness.

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  • 5G and self-driving vehicles

    If we're going to have autonomous vehicles, 5G and connected cars will need to share the road.


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  • Edge computing in autonomous vehicles

    Businesses looking to take advantage of edge computing in autonomous vehicles must first understand how multi-access edge computing (MEC) can lead to the future of automotive edge computing.

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  • Blaze a path to innovation with Network as a Service

    The Verizon Network as a Service (NaaS) platform uses a virtual software-based network model to more effectively deliver services.

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  • 5G Ultra Wideband (UWB) available only in parts of select cities. 5G UWB access requires a 5G-capable device with select voice/data and 5G UWB plans. 5G Nationwide available in 2,700+ cities.