CPE and Subscription Services

Leverage our expertise to help you source, prepare, deploy, manage and maintain technology equipment and software.

CPE Solutions

Stay focused on running your business, not your equipment.

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What is CPE Solutions?

Verizon CPE Solutions provides end-to-end customer premises equipment (CPE) support for adding new equipment and managing the maintenance of existing equipment. 

How CPE Solutions works

It helps you control costs and manage your network with end-to-end CPE support that features procurement, design, installation, site preparation and more.


Equipment upgrades

Our CPE Solutions help you keep network equipment up to date, so you can stay on top of the latest technologies and market changes.

Better focus

You can free up internal resources and staff to better focus on strategic business initiatives.

Reduced downtime

When you add new hardware, applications and networking technologies, we’ll work with you to help ensure that your facilities are properly prepared to minimize downtime and avoid delays.

Monthly Recurring Plan

A single source for your network technology needs

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What is the Monthly Recurring Plan?

The Monthly Recurring Plan helps streamline budgetary considerations and expedite digital transformation initiatives.

How the Monthly Recurring Plan works

The Monthly Recurring Plan provides edge device installation, the use of Verizon-owned hardware and access to Verizon Care for a flat monthly fee. 


Control costs

The Monthly Recurring Plan helps enable your migration from a capital expense (capex) model to an operational expense (opex) model.


The plan allows you to procure, deploy, maintain and refresh your on-premises network technology through a flat monthly subscription fee.

Easy management

Using the Monthly Recurring Plan gives you a single source for solution contracting and billing, making resource management easier.

Verizon Care

End-to-end maintenance plans help keep your equipment running.

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What is Verizon Care?

Verizon Care offers an efficient, cost-effective way to maintain network equipment with advanced parts replacement and onsite repair support.

How Verizon Care works

You pick the service level needed, and qualified support engineers will troubleshoot issues, request parts replacement and coordinate onsite support as needed.


Top providers

Verizon Care uses equipment from a number of industry-leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Tech support

Verizon-trained/certified engineers help you minimize network disruptions by providing ongoing technical support.

Flexible billing

Verizon Care features monthly billing, evergreen renewal and no fixed term.

Software and Subscription Services

Easily gain access to software and cloud-based services to transform your business.


What is Software and Subscription Services?

Software and Subscription Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of curated third-party software and cloud-based services that can be procured from Verizon.

How Software and Subscription Services works

We help you streamline network operations and architecture via a broad catalog of vendor technologies from leading software and cloud-based service providers.


Single provider

Verizon can serve as a single source for multiple technology procurements and upgrades, helping you align industry trends and market shifts, simplify sourcing and manage third-party subscriptions.

Broad portfolio

You’ll gain access to a broad vendor portfolio of technology products and services from various industry leaders and innovators, including business, communications, global networks and security.

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Customer success story

CPE Solutions

Learn how Verizon networking and CPE Solutions helped a manufacturer expand its offerings after an acquisition.


Solutions Brief

Focus on your business, not your equipment.

Get end-to-end CPE support to help keep your equipment up to date and free up resources, so you can stay focused on business initiatives.

Apr 14, 2020 ,  3 min read

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Fact Sheet

Verizon CPE Solutions

Get the right technology and resources to smooth your equipment deployments.

Apr 14, 2020 ,  4 min read

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Solutions Brief

A better way to get technology

Procure, deploy, maintain and refresh your network edge equipment and technology for a flat fee.

Jul 29, 2016,  4 min read

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Solutions Brief

Verizon Software and Subscription Services

Streamline your network operations and architecture using a broad portfolio of vendor technologies available from recognized industry leaders and innovators.

Feb 14, 2024,  2 min read

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Verizon CPE and Subscription Services enables you to leverage our experience of sourcing, preparing, deploying, managing and maintaining complex CPE technologies, as well as our portfolio of third-party software and cloud-based services that can be conveniently procured from Verizon. And our Monthly Recurring Plan enables you to have CPE, deployment and maintenance services with a flat monthly recurring charge. We can help you free up valuable resources so you can spend more time focusing on strategic initiatives.

Your network powers your business. When you have aging CPE, don’t have the cabling systems that your network demands, or are struggling with access to third-party software licenses and cloud subscriptions, it can prevent you from taking full advantage of advances in communications technology and applications. It’s critical to keep your equipment and software up to date. If you have to engage and manage multiple vendors to stay current, it can slow down your network—and your business. Verizon can take care of performing site preparation services, deployment services and maintenance services for your networking equipment, as well as be a single source for software-defined networking and cloud applications. Additionally, CPE, deployment and maintenance services can be obtained via an opex model with a flat monthly fee.

Verizon’s CPE Solutions helps you control employee costs and manage your network environment. This solution gives you comprehensive support that can include network and device design, procurement, site preparation services, installation services, equipment troubleshooting, next-day parts replacement and deployment, as well as in-person technical expertise. You get the end-to-end CPE support you need, whether you’re adding new equipment or managing the maintenance of existing equipment.

The Monthly Recurring Plan provides edge device installation, the use of Verizon-owned hardware and access to Verizon Care for a flat monthly fee. This plan leverages our capabilities as a global technology and managed services provider to give you:

  • Advanced equipment for a flat monthly fee without large upfront capex
  • Expert sourcing, configuration and installation without upfront deployment expenses
  • Proven, reliable and flexible service options

Verizon Care is an equipment maintenance service that provides advanced parts replacement with available onsite support. You can choose the level of service your network equipment may need. A team of qualified support engineers work with you to troubleshoot any equipment issues, request advanced parts for replacement and coordinate the dispatch of a technician, when needed.

Maintenance plans cover your network equipment by providing replacement parts when you need them.

Software and Subscription Services offers customers a comprehensive portfolio of third-party software and cloud-based services that can be conveniently procured from Verizon. These industry-leading solutions and services have been carefully curated to help enable organizations of every type to achieve their business and transformational goals.


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