Design your network infrastructure for future growth.

An agile, automated, flexible and transformative network starts with an intelligent network infrastructure foundation.


Competitive advantage

Enable agility, flexibility and performance.

Automated efficiency

Seamlessly deploy and scale services.

Transformed experiences

Deliver on digital-first expectations.

Innovative opportunities

Integrate the power and speed of 5G connectivity.

Customer success stories

Bertelsmann achieves global connectivity.

With advanced virtualization technology, the company unified its network into a global platform that doubled business capacity.

JetBlue streamlines its infrastructure.

Implementing a centralized, simplified network infrastructure helped JetBlue control costs, increase performance and enhance agility.

Cintas built a holistic IT infrastructure.

By replacing outdated systems with software-defined networking and advanced internet connectivity, Cintas transformed its employee and customer experiences.

Engage the latest innovative technologies to transform your network and business outcomes.

Simplify your network transformation and enable it to support dynamic applications and advanced technologies that help extend your reach, enhance experiences, improve efficiencies, and enrich network and business performance.

Network as a Service Solutions

Rapidly scale and improve agility with a flexible network.

Managed SD WAN

Deploy an application-driven, agile and secure network supported by Verizon Managed Network Services.

Connectivity Solutions and Services

Flexible, agile connectivity solutions for the foundation of your organization

Expand your network to the cloud and reach a broader audience.

Help expand your revenue creation and innovation with a cloud-based infrastructure and software-defined networking that lets you take an evolutionary approach to connecting global users and enhancing their experiences.

Virtual Network Services

Help build a more intelligent network with secure, on-demand, cloud-based network services.

Move your valuable services and applications to the edge.

Extend the power of the cloud and the speed of 5G networks to where your work happens to help allow new classes of applications to drive innovative opportunities for your employees, partners, consumers and users.

5G Edge

Get fast, secure cloud computing power at the edge of our network – for real innovation in real time.

SASE Management

Manage network and cloud security across locations and devices.

Private 5G Network

Meet the growing demands of automation and more with a secure, high-speed, low-latency network.


White Paper

Creating a dynamic, cloud-ready network

Learn how to make an immediate impact on your transformation to Network as a Service (NaaS), no matter where your business is on your digital journey.

Mar 11, 2021 ,  10 min read

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White Paper

What 5G networking brings to edge computing

Explore the impact that 5G can have on enterprise edge computing.

Nov 24, 2020 ,  8 min read

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White Paper

The right approach to SASE

Get the critical insights you need to realize the full potential of secure access service edge (SASE).

May 25, 2021,  23 min read

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Solutions Brief

Simplify your network.

Turn your physical network into a scalable, orchestrated and on-demand virtual network that integrates with a portfolio of technologies from industry-leading providers.

Dec 12, 2019,  8 min read

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