Drive critical advances in healthcare.

Don’t just connect your business. Partner with Verizon to make it even smarter. Our advanced 5G network and solutions can help drive real-time connectivity, improve patient experiences, protect sensitive information and more. Let's achieve enterprise intelligence.

Digital health solutions for healthcare providers during critical moments like surgery.

Digital intelligence

Evolve to real-time, in-building connectivity and operational efficiency with 5G, mobile edge computing and network-as-a-service solutions.

Business health solutions for patients to connect with healthcare providers.

Patient experience

Increase satisfaction and loyalty with a range of omnichannel and digital customer experiences.

Healthcare provider using tablet.

Security and privacy

Proactively identify and respond to threats to keep sensitive information secure.

A doctor speaking to a mother and son virtually on the tablet.

Remote care

Streamline telehealth to expand the reach, convenience and effectiveness of care.