Verizon Service Protection Plan

Protect Verizon voice, data and Fios TV connections with a plan covering inside-the-wall wiring and outlets.

What it is

A service protection plan for diagnostics and repair of the inside wiring of Verizon voice and broadband connections, including phone jacks and voice and data outlets.

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This plan covers diagnostics and repair for inside wiring of Verizon voice, broadband and Fios TV connections. Coverage includes the repair of jacks, voice and data outlets, and inside wiring for up to 30 voice and broadband connections at a single business location.

If you are in an office with 30 or fewer broadband, voice or Fios connections; rely on hardwired technology; or have no or limited in-house resources to maintain inside-the-wall wiring and outlets, this plan is for you.

Already have Fios Internet? You can order Verizon Service Protection Plan at 1-888-586-5445. New customers should contact their reps.

Verizon Service Protection Plan

Pay one low monthly price.

$11.99 per month. Plus taxes.*

*Verizon Service Protection Plan (VSPP) requires Verizon phone service. Coverage is limited to 30 lines of service. 30-day waiting period required for existing phone customers. Exclusions apply. VSPP can be added to your phone, internet or Fios TV order.



We repair your Verizon voice and internet connections from installation onward so your services don’t miss a beat.

Cost control

Pay one low monthly bill and avoid unexpected service charges.

Protect wiring

The plan covers all of your Verizon voice and data outlets, inside-the-wall wiring and more.


All your Verizon connections

Get coverage for up to 30 voice and broadband connections to a service location, all billed under a single Verizon account.

Inside-the-wall hardware

We’ll cover all Verizon-approved inside-the-wall facilities (e.g., lines, jacks, coaxial cables, CAT-5, etc.).

Hardware replacement

We’ll replace defective splitters, amplifiers and filters that were originally installed by Verizon.

Expand all

Save with a bundle.

Our voice and internet bundles can help your business stay connected. Combine Business Digital Voice and Fios for savings.

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For new Verizon customers, Verizon Service Protection Plan coverage begins immediately after you’ve accepted the Verizon Terms of Service. However, a 30-day waiting period is required for existing phone customers.

Yes. This service protection plan is only available for new and existing Verizon customers. Customers must have Verizon phone service.

While computers and other office equipment are not covered, the wired connections to your Verizon services (TV, internet and voice) within your single building location are.


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