Grow with immersive experiences and technology.

Compete with others using immersive game-changing experiences that can help improve and redefine customer relationships and operations for growth.



Challenge the competition.


Turn everyday customers into forever fans.


Give new customers a reason to choose you.


Add more points of contact and more ways to collect data.

Customer success stories

The Phoenix Suns pair 5G and MEC for a winning experience.

The Phoenix Suns are using Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband to help rack up wins, keep fans engaged and remain at the forefront of sports innovation. This is Enterprise Intelligence.

Morehouse leads virtual campus tours.

Prospective Morehouse college students teleport into an extended reality experience and interact with Morehouse staff in real time.

Fox Broadcasting creates live immersive experiences.

Fox unites 5G and sports broadcasting to deliver immersive experiences that engage and delight viewers.

Distinguish your brand by engaging customers with personalization.

With the right network and solutions in place, you can securely and strategically gather customer data and deploy robust engagement tools that will help you understand and cater to the individual needs of your customers.

Networking Solutions and Services

Set a foundation for innovation with solutions and strategy help from Verizon.

Cloud Contact Center

Deliver a leading customer experience with unified customer interactions, built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and rich customer experience (CX) platform.

Internet of Things

With our expansive portfolio, vast expertise and strong ecosystem, Verizon offers a one-stop shop for your Internet of Things (IoT) needs.

Connect with customers using AI, analytics and more.

Using advanced technologies to personalize interactions requires the right foundations, including a flexible network, mobile edge computing (MEC), and the right tools and infrastructure.

Customer Engagement

Provide  seamless and more personalized CX by blending human intelligence and AI.

Connectivity Solutions and Services

Flexible, agile connectivity solutions for the foundation of your organization’s transformation.

Cloud Contact Center

Deliver a great customer experience with unified customer interactions, built-in AI and rich CX platform.

Go beyond typical experiences to ones that fully engage and surround users.

The more interactive your experiences, the more data you can collect that will help you understand your customers, while simultaneously providing them an experience they’ll enjoy and talk about positively.

5G Edge

Get fast, secure cloud-computing power at the edge of our network – for real innovation in real time.

Managed SD WAN

Deploy an application-driven, agile and secure network supported by Verizon Managed Network Services.



Connected venues

From the world’s biggest stages to the most intimate venues, Verizon 5G is helping improve the way guests enjoy live events and entertainment.

May 15, 2023

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How technology can help you deliver personalized customer experiences

CX technology can help give your CX team on-demand access to the information needed to help meet and exceed customer expectations.

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Collaboration on innovative 5G features to enhance user experience

Advanced technology features will push the boundaries of what 5G Edge can provide to our customers.

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AR-enabled retail displays

Increasing engagement at physical retail locations

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Simplify, enhance and secure payment processing.

Provide seamless and secure contactless to cashierless transactions.


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