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HOPE Agency
turns to Verizon
for reliable wireless

  • Introduction

    The Honoring Opportunities for Personal Empowerment (HOPE) Agency in Des Moines, Iowa empowers people with special needs to enjoy independent, productive lives. Supporting people in need isn’t just a job for the HOPE team—it’s their passion. By working closely with individuals with special needs, day after day, HOPE helps them overcome barriers to independent living and employment, and integrates them into the community.

    HOPE provides home and community-based services (HCBS) that enable Medicaid beneficiaries to receive services in their own home or community instead of institutional settings. This approach lets HOPE care professionals spend more time with program participants in order to provide customized experiences, meaningful training, and holistic support. But it requires fast communication while in the field.

    Central to their work is reliable wireless service, which serves as their main communication channel with each other, with HOPE headquarters, and with the many participants and families the agency serves.

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  • HOPE Agency logo

    • Non-profit human services agency
    • West Des Moines, Iowa
    • Wireless service for employees
    • Verizon Jetpacks for secure Wi-Fi access
  • Choosing a reliable, innovative communication partner

    Today, HOPE relies on Verizon as its partner for wireless communication and ongoing support of its communication needs. But this wasn’t always the case. “We initially worked with Verizon for cell service,” recalls Amy Wallman Madden, co-founder of HOPE Agency. “But then we switched to another cellular provider that offered what seemed like an attractive one-year voice/text/data package.” The result? “We switched back to Verizon as soon as we could.”

  • Streamlining communication with reliable access

    “Before we switched to Verizon, there were areas in the Des Moines metro area where we couldn’t get a signal—or go online,” says Molly Camp, operations and services lead for HOPE.

    Beginning quotation mark  The broad coverage Verizon provides means that our people can keep working and stay in touch, no matter where they are.”

    – Molly Camp, Operations and Services Lead, HOPE Agency

    Reliable wireless communication lets direct care providers and other HOPE team members stay connected with program participants and their families. Ongoing communication enables the agency to professionalize direct support, providing customized attention that meets the needs of diverse participants—including people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, and/or mental illnesses.

    While on the go, service providers can use their mobile devices to take notes on sessions with participants while still in the field, capturing critical details and follow-up steps. “It’s so much easier and more accurate than writing notes by hand at the end of the day,” says Madden.

  • Beginning quotation mark  Clear communication helps our team stay connected with each other and our clients, empowering them to enjoy independent, productive lives.”

    Amy Wallman Madden, Co-Founder, HOPE Agency

  • Providing responsive customer service

    As a small non-profit organization, HOPE has to stay as efficient as possible in all areas of its operation—which requires exceptional customer service from all of its partners. According to HOPE, Verizon brings a refreshing level of efficiency to every stage—from assessing their wireless needs and activating lines to adding phones and answering questions.

    “Before we moved to Verizon, it took us six months to get two unnecessary phones removed from our plan, wasting our time and money,” recalls Madden. “Now every question or issue we ever raise with Verizon is resolved before I get off the phone.” Before Verizon, HOPE had connection problems and unanswered service calls. Now it has a dedicated sales representative who serves as a single point of contact for all requests, changes, or questions— streamlining all aspects of customer service.

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    • Enabling new efficiency and innovations

      Continual innovation is one of the core strategies of HOPE. Now HOPE can envision new ways of working and know that Verizon can help make it happen. For example, the agency is looking into ways to reduce the voluminous paperwork required during initial meetings with participants and their families—including streamlining the process with a tablet-based application that delivers information via wireless access. No matter how it decides to move ahead, HOPE agency leaders know that Verizon can help make the process fast, simple, and easy—exactly what a busy non-profit organization needs.

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    • Beginning quotation mark  We’re grateful for Verizon and the ease of service that they bring to communication and collaboration. After all, so much of life isn’t easy. With Verizon, it is.”

      Amy Wallman Madden, Co-Founder, HOPE Agency