Intelligent AI dash cam

Our AI dash cams utilize artificial intelligence for real time detection of road hazards to help boost fleet safety.

What it is

AI dash cams help protect drivers in real time, reduce accidents and classify unsafe driving events by severity for managers. 

Helping drivers

The AI in the camera sees potential danger and immediately sends the driver an audible alert. The driver can quickly refocus or safely adjust their behavior. A video of the event is uploaded to the cloud for analysis.

Enabling managers

The cloud AI classifies the video based on severity and tags other risky behaviors, like a stop-sign violation. A notification is sent to a manager, who can review the footage and decide if safety coaching is needed.


Reduce distracted driving

Protect your drivers and fleet by sending alerts when they exhibit signs of distracted driving, tailgating, or drowsiness.

See it all in vivid HD video detail

Review HD video footage captured by your dash cam within minutes of the incident and quickly assess driving events.

Risk and liability
Defend against false claims

Get AI dashcam footage for driver defense and cost reduction in case of false claims.

Trusted by fleets large and small.

Verizon Connect Fleet Dash customers

Customer success story

B.A.M. Trucking

Customer deflects false claim, saves $200,000 on insurance premiums.


Protect your fleet with video telematics

Learn more benefits for drivers and business owners of having fleet dash cameras in all vehicles.

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Learn how AI dash cams help fleet managers promote safety by increasing driver awareness and reducing harsh driving behaviors.

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The Verizon Connect AI Dashcam is connected to ignition power and is active when the commercial vehicle is on. If the fleet vehicle is idling while parked the fleet dash cam will record.

No. Audio recording is disabled by default on the dash cams.

Dash cams work by continuously recording video of the road ahead while the vehicle’s ignition is on. They are generally powered by the vehicle’s power source and save the recorded video to an internal storage device (SD card) to later be accessed manually.

Yes. From the camera settings page in the fleet management platform you can decide which individual camera-triggered events will send an in-cab audible alert.

AI Dashcams, take recording a step further. They utilize artificial intelligence to analyze road conditions and driver behavior. The AI technology functions by evaluating real-time footage of your drivers and other road users. It will immediately alert the driver and fleet managers about any unsafe driving behavior, such as speeding, harsh braking, or tailgating.

Yes. The dash cams require the Verizon Connect Reveal or Verizon Connect Fleet platform in order to work for your fleet. The dash cams are not currently available as standalone solutions.

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