5G Edge Accelerated Access

Leverage opt-in facial authentication for faster access into events, venues, stadiums or office locations.

What it is

It’s an end-to-end software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that uses opt-in facial authentication to authenticate & verify guests and employees in near real time reducing wait times at entrance locations.

Man’s face being scanned for stadium entry

Verizon 5G Edge Accelerated Access is designed for organizations that want to replace traditional methods of entry like physical keys, badges and readers with opt-in facial authentication to enter stadiums and entertainment venues, as well as facilities like hospitals, industrial plants, retail locations, hospitality suites and more.

The solution is an iPad®-based app that’s integrated into the venue’s or facility’s ticketing platform or business entry point.

5G Edge Accelerated Access uses an iPad Pro® equipped with a lidar sensor and Apple® application programming interfaces (APIs) for machine learning (ML).

Software generates a 3D map of the user’s face to help ensure that there’s an actual person standing in front of the sensor and not just a photo.

Next, the user’s picture is taken to measure and calculate key values based on landmarks across the face.

A token is then created based on the measurements, which is uniquely matched to the user in the mobile edge computing (MEC) facial recognition system. No imagery is sent to the system for processing, only the calculated token.


Security accountability

This solution can be used to authenticate fan, guest and employee identities via images of their faces.

Risk mitigation

This solution uses MEC infrastructure to authenticate fan, guest and employee identities via images of their faces.

Streamlined operations

Replace outdated & inefficient traditional ticketing, check-ins, swipe cards or key locks to reduce wait times at guest and employee checkpoints in a venue or facility.

Faster authorization

You can enable touchless entry in near real time so visitors are authorized to enter facilities more quickly with the ultralow latency of 5G.

Enhanced experiences

Help improve in-person guest experiences by lowering entry times and allowing guests to enjoy facility and venue amenities longer.


Elevated guest experiences can help increase the desirability of your venues.


Access control

Enable frictionless access, reduce misused credentials and manage hourly employees.

Facial ticketing

Pairing guests’ faces with their tickets can help to expedite entry as well as reduce lines and congestion.

VIP management

Receive alerts when VIPs enter and restrict access to sensitive areas.


Deploy a simple light-weight solution and customize your access control needs by integrating into existing systems to enable faster and more efficient entry. Have an existing ticketing system? Expedite entry by leveraging our solution to quickly integrate your ticketing platform.

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5G Edge Accelerated Access solution brief

Discover how 5G Edge Accelerated Access can help you address challenges with safety, guest experiences and costs.

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Manage apps with 5G Edge Services.

Leverage a platform that helps you build, deploy and manage edge applications across a distributed MEC infrastructure—for greater visibility and control.

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5G Edge Accelerated Access for Stadiums and Venues

Help make venue access safer while speeding up the process for staff and guests.

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Touchless access control for Public Sector¹

5G Edge Accelerated Access allows organizations to use opt-in facial authentication as a touchless way to verify employee identities at facilities & streamline the guest experience at venues.

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5G Edge Accelerated Access works by capturing an initial image of a staff member or potential customer and converting that image to a token. The token is then uploaded and stored for future reference. When a customer or staff member then approaches a 5G Edge Accelerated Access lane, an iPad will match a new token converted from the image of the person with the token on file and grant access if there’s a match.

The term facial authentication pertains to the use of a biometric technology that uses facial features to verify an individual based on their unique facial features.

The benefits of using cloud-based MEC with Accelerated Access include near real-time results due to the low latency offered by MEC. In addition, the solution would be highly scalable and reliable based on the expansive Verizon 5G network. Finally, the use of MEC can also add another layer of accountability from a security perspective by helping to keep sensitive data safe from malicious attacks.

A web-based facial authentication system works by allowing users who opt in the ability to upload an image. Once the image and a token derived from that image is stored, a camera can then verify the individual based on matching the stored token with a token produced from an image taken on the day access is requested. If there’s a match, the user is validated and approved. If not, the user is then denied access.

¹Solution is available to state and local customers on a stand-alone agreement on commercial terms only and is only available in the following states: Arkansas, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Tennessee, Washington and Wyoming.


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