Elevate your quick service restaurant (QSR)

Based on Managed SD Branch, our QSR solutions help optimize your business operations and guest experiences with an agile digital infrastructure.



Help increase profitability with more efficient operations, minimized inventory loss and higher customer loyalty.

Great experiences

Help simplify ordering, provide faster service and deliver tailored experiences.

Secure transactions

Protect guest and company data with secure connections and a variety of security solutions.

Customer success stories

The connected retail experience

Find out how we helped Target connect nearly 2,000 stores seamlessly and securely to improve employee and customer experiences.

New private wireless network blooms success.

Holland Ridge Farms improved customer experiences with a private wireless network.

Digital checkout speeds up food and drink orders.

The Florida Panthers improve the fan experience with Verizon 5G Edge Cashierless Checkout.

Improve order processing time.

Coordinate operations with dedicated connectivity for signage, drive-through tablets, smart cameras and location monitoring.

5G Edge

Get fast, secure cloud computing power at the edge of our network – for real innovation in real time.

Managed SD Branch

Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help simplify network management.

Enhance your bottom line with emerging technologies.

Help minimize inventory loss, prevent unexpected equipment repairs and improve operations with AI-driven analytics and IoT innovations.

Grid Wide Intelligent Video

24/7 visibility with less time and effort

Condition Based Maintenance

Use IoT remote monitoring tools to help keep equipment running smoothly and consistently.

Remote Monitoring

Get near real-time visibility into asset or equipment health, environmental conditions, diagnostics and performance for predictable operations.

Keep transactions and data safe.

Protect guest and company data, defend against ransomware attacks and strengthen overall network and device security.

Network Security Solutions

Optimize your security operations with a comprehensive and proven portfolio of managed and professional security services and solutions.

Network as a Service Solutions

Rapidly scale and improve agility with a flexible network.

Managed SD Branch

Leverage AI and ML to help simplify network management.

Drive more personalized customer experiences.

Improve customer loyalty with better dining experiences and by making it easy for them to connect with you.

5G Edge

Get fast, secure cloud-computing power at the edge of our network – for real innovation in real time.

One Talk

Get the full-featured, mobile-first phone solution designed to meet the needs of how and where you do business.

Voice Services

Drive more personalized customer experiences (CX) in your contact centers using Verizon voice services running on our award-winning network.


Verizon Quick Service Restaurant Solutions

Help elevate your guest experiences with connectivity solutions tailored to the needs of quick service restaurants.

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White Paper

Enhancing guest experiences and improving operational efficiency

Discover how the right technology foundation can help your restaurant to thrive in today’s digital-first world.

Dec 20, 2022 ,  10 min read

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White Paper

2023 Connected Restaurants Experience Study

Learn about the digital evolution of the dining experience and understand how changing customer expectations have impacted dining technology.

Mar 23, 2023,  12 min read

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White Paper

Accelerate in-store innovation with a fast and agile network.

One of the best ways to set your brand apart from competitors is to use technology to improve customer experiences and employee productivity.

Nov 16, 2022,  9 min read

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Simplify, enhance and secure payment processing

Provide seamless and secure contactless to cashierless transactions.

Grow with immersive experiences

Help improve customer relationships and growth.


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