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    Don’t just connect your business. Partner with Verizon to make it even smarter. We can deploy CRM, ransomware attack simulation, network threat detection and risk mitigation solutions to help you protect your most valuable assets—whether they are streaming or in digital storage. This is Enterprise Intelligence.

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Featured resources

  • dbir 2023 360x180

    2023 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR)

    The full DBIR contains details on the actors, actions and patterns that can help you prepare your defenses and educate your organization. Get the intelligence you need to protect your organization.

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  • Learn the risks of mobile content with our Mobile Security Index resource

    2021 Mobile Security Index Report

    Understand your risks and attack surface when delivering mobile content.

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  • as threats increase organizations must secure valuable data

    As threats increase, M&E organizations must secure valuable data.

    Cybersecurity has become an increasing concern over the past decade as a result of several high-profile attacks and organizations need to secure valuable data.

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Key products and services

    • Cyber Risk Monitoring

    • Get intelligent insights to help you better focus your security spend and address vulnerable areas.

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    • Network Detection and Response

    • Manage secure access to information and applications and drive near real-time and retrospective threat detection and reporting.

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    • Identity and Access Management Services

    • Get the most from your Verizon identity and access management solutions with our expert services.

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  • Visualizing the future of connected venues

  • Use our interactive tools to build a virtual venue of the future and explore the possibilities that connected technologies can have on elevating the in-person experience for patrons.  

Products for media and entertainment

Not only do we have the network solutions you need to stay relevant and competitive, we also have industry experts who can help you use them to exceed audience expectations.

  • 5G icon

    5G Edge

    Allow more mobile devices to work in the same place at the same time with less congestion by taking computing to the edge of your network.

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  • enterprise mobility

    LTE Business Internet

    Extend network and application visibility using a fast, fixed wireless connection.

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  • Network connection

    Network as a Service

    Support the delivery of dynamic applications and services and leverage advanced technologies such as 5G, mobile edge compute (MEC), augmented and virtual realities, and much more.

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  • Cloud

    Network and Cloud Security

    Address core network security and use mobile solutions to help secure data in devices across your entire media and entertainment ecosystem.

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  • Person

    DX Advisory Services

    Leverage our suite of consulting services engagements to help improve your venues, elevate audience experiences and streamline your operations.

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  • Wifi

    SD WAN

    Meet growing bandwidth needs across all your ecosystems to deliver “always-on” experiences for your audiences.

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  • Smart cities icon

    Connected Smart Cities and Communities

    Allocate resources, conserve energy, improve traffic flows, create safer venue environments and more with an intelligent infrastructure.

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  • Device protection

    Threat intelligence services

    Identify threat patterns and receive predictive analyses tailored to your priorities that will help you preempt and mitigate cyberattacks and protect your proprietary data.

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Valuable resources and information

  • How Bloomberg and Verizon make every second count.

    See how Bloomberg and Verizon collaborated on a never-done-before project to deliver a low-latency Bloomberg TV experience to mobile devices, powered by Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband.

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  • Enhancing the fan experience with immersive realities.

    Learn how our advanced technologies can help you turn passive spectators into loyal fans.

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  • Museum of Warships by Verizon 5G and World of Warships.

    Watch how we used immersive next-gen augmented reality to bring some of the most iconic battleships to virtual life.

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  • A stadium
    tech report.

    Read our analysis of a recent survey of more than 100 respondents on issues facing venues of all sizes—helping to shape an industry-wide perspective.


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  • 5G Ultra Wideband (UWB) available only in parts of select cities. 5G UWB access requires a 5G-capable device with select voice/data and 5G UWB plans. 5G Nationwide available in 2,700+ cities.