Customer engagement & digital CX

Provide a seamless and more personalized customer experience (CX) by blending human and artificial intelligence (AI).

Conversational AI

Provide a human feel to customer calls.

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What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI leverages AI to deliver an intuitive CX that helps customers solve issues on their own to help boost their overall satisfaction. 

How Conversational AI works?

It uses AI-enabled speech technology to help you improve customer service by anticipating their needs and responding more naturally, using their own words.


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Improved self-service

Conversational AI helps improve customer service using AI that can understand, react and respond to customers’ requests 24/7.

Information access

It gives agents near real-time customer details, helping reduce handling time and improve the quality of interactions. Doing so helps streamline support and frees agents to solve more complex issues.

Google Cloud CCAI

Deliver a better experience for both customers and agents.

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What is Google Cloud CCAI?

Google Cloud™ Contact Center AI (CCAI) helps you leverage AI to scale contact-center interactions while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

How does Google Cloud CCAI work?

It uses AI that helps solve issues to help improve customer service via self-service with virtual agents and aids human agents with near real-time info.


Discover benefits

Improved service

Google Cloud CCAI can help/ you improve customer service and increase satisfaction with AI that can understand, interact and respond appropriately.

Agent efficiency

Using Google Cloud CCAI helps free your team to focus on more challenging calls, while providing them with near real-time information, workflows, and turn-by-turn guidance.

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Contact Center AI enables a whole new type of customer engagement.

Google Cloud CCAI helps improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction with AI that understands, interacts and responds appropriately.

Feb 22, 2024

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How AI improves the customer experience

Contact centers represent an all-encompassing opportunity for AI—one where the technology can benefit both customers and the agents serving them.

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How federal agencies can reshape the customer experience

When interacting with a federal agency, constituents and staff members expect digital experiences that rival those provided by businesses. There are steps that agencies can take to facilitate their ability to deliver those experiences.

Jan 24, 2020,  6 min read

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Customer engagement focuses on customer interactions, communications and relationship-building efforts.

Customer experience deals with the entire customer journey, covering all touch points from the initial interaction through post-purchase interactions. Customer experience is made from multiple engagements or interactions.


Customer engagement plays a pivotal role in fostering stronger relationships and improving customer loyalty. Customer engagement helps improve the overall customer experience.  


Customer engagement tools can benefit any organization that needs to interact regularly with customers. These tools integrate with existing contact center platforms to help customers and agents. Industries that utilize customer engagement tools include financial services (banking, insurance, investments), retail, travel and hospitality (airlines, hotels, car rentals), healthcare, and many others.

AI is being used today to improve customer interactions and contact center operations. AI can help improve customer service by anticipating customer issues and providing self-service solutions. Doing so can help  increase first-call resolution through self-service with a virtual agent. And it frees up human agents to concentrate on more complex calls and can help reduce contact center costs.

Customer engagement solutions like conversational AI can help customers with interactions on the channel of their choice, including voice, web, text or even video. Customers can interact with an AI-powered virtual agent for self-service and switch over to a live agent if needed.


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