5G Edge Crowd Analytics

Monitor and manage crowd dynamics.

What it is

Its sensors track and analyze key traffic-flow data and crowd behavior to help facilitate safer crowd movement and more efficient management.

A crowd of people entering venue

Cloud and edge computing: 5G Edge Crowd Analytics is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that combines applications and devices, running on Verizon 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) with professional and support services.

Lidar technology: Employs light detection and ranging (lidar) technology and the facility/venue’s own dynamic digital signage throughout selected locations, as well as MEC-hosted applications using artificial intelligence and wireless services (wireless services are purchased separately).

5G Edge: Verizon 5G Edge utilizes a reliable 5G network with low latency that helps deliver performance for business. It also leverages the world’s leading cloud platform providers, including Amazon, to offer businesses additional expertise.

Crowd behavior: Creates near real-time insights to help understand visitor movement and occupancy patterns.

Crowd analytics: Provides helpful analytics and insights about crowd flow and crowd behavior using queue analytics, flow analytics, distance analytics and area dynamics. Together, these analytics provide queuing observations with expected wait times for designated areas, flow patterns of guest movements, density thresholds, heat maps and more.

Our crowd management technology can be used in a variety of venues, including airports, stadiums, retail locations, gaming establishments and more.

Help drive transformation with crowd analytics.

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Sales growth

Utilize near real-time predictive and historical insights to help optimize store or venue layouts, minimize congestion, encourage customer purchase, and drive growth with faster service.

Cost control

Help control operational costs with optimized workforce planning and reduced energy costs through data-driven insights.

Crowd management

Help better track large congregations of people, congestion patterns and traffic flow to help overall venue safety, security and efficiency.

Elevated experiences

Help minimize wait times at entry points, concession stands, restrooms and other busy areas, while helping guests more easily find their way around the venue using advanced wayfinding information.

Safer experience

Use heat mapping and lidar sensors to help predict crowd surges or congestion, while receiving alerts on unexpected activity, and help monitor where  people are during emergencies.


Real-time monitoring

Help monitor live occupancy and estimated wait times.

Occupancy management

Help free up staff from manually monitoring and managing occupancy at entrances, restrooms and communal spaces.

Web-based reporting dashboard

Help better understand your busiest times, and help optimize staff and cleaning schedules based on actual customer demand.

Data-driven communication tools

Leverage application programming interfaces (APIs) to communicate over email, SMS and mobile apps—and help measure their reach and impact on visitation.


Solutions Brief

Improve guest experiences and operations.

Tap the power of 5G to monitor and manage in-venue crowd flows in near real time.

Aug 12, 2021 ,  3 min read

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5G built right for the stadium — and beyond

Learn how the enhanced performance and low latency of Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband can help create a safer, more engaging venue.

Discover how

Verizon 5G Edge Services

Leverage a platform that helps you build, deploy and manage edge applications across a distributed MEC infrastructure—for greater visibility and control.

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Traffic flow analysis leverages sensors and cameras with integrated technology to provide visibility into crowd movement to help improve operational flow and safety.

Crowd management technology helps provide key insights about crowds and crowd behavior, such as queue length with expected wait times for designated areas (e.g., concession areas, bathrooms), guest flow patterns, density thresholds and heat maps. In addition to traffic flow analysis, crowd management technology may also use queue analytics, distance analytics and area dynamics.

Transportation services, including curbside transportation network companies (TNCs), can use crowd analytics to gain visibility into pickup and drop-off points for vehicle and pedestrian traffic to improve safety and security, as well as increase revenue opportunities.


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