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Computer Support

Helpful information about using your computer or PC with your Verizon Wireless devices and services.

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Configure Email Services - Apple® Mail

Here\s how to configure your email services for Apple Mail.

Create a Paired Connection - Macintosh® OS X

Here's how to create a paired connection with your mobile phone using your Macintosh computer.

Download and Install QuickTime

Here's some info to help you install QuickTime on your MAC or PC.

Import / Export Contacts from Comma Separated Values (*.csv) / vCard Files - Macintosh Contacts

Here's steps on how to import and export contacts to your Macintosh computer.

Import /Export Contacts from a Comma Separated Values (*.csv) File - Entourage

Here's how to import /export contacts from a comma separated values (*.csv) file via Entourage.

Remove Wireless Network Connections - Macintosh® OS X

This provides instructions for deleting or removing Internet connections on your Macintosh OS X computer. This may help if you're having issues connecting to Wi-Fi on your computer. Visit our Wi-Fi FAQs for additional info.

Removing and Replacing PC Cards - Macintosh

Here's how to properly remove and replace a PC card on a Macintosh.

Verifying Connected Networks - Macintosh®

Here's how to check the connection between your Macintosh computer and an internet-capable device.

Verizon Cloud - Mac® Desktop App - Manage Sync Folders

Here's how to set up folders on your Mac which will automatically back up your files to Verizon Cloud.