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Set up and activate your eSIM

An eSIM is an embedded SIM card inside your device. With eSIM, there's no physical SIM (pSIM) card to insert or swap.

On devices that have both pSIM and eSIM technology, you may be able to have a different phone number on each SIM and use a local data plan on your eSIM when traveling abroad without swapping your Verizon pSIM.

Benefits to using eSIMs include:

  • Activate quickly, easily and in real time. It’s fast, it's simple and you can provision a device with an eSIM in real time over Wi-Fi.
  • Bid farewell to physical SIMs. Using an eSIM means no more lost SIM removal tools, broken SIM trays and tiny SIM cards gone missing.

Learn more about eSIMs, dual eSIM devices and eSIM only devices with our eSIM FAQs and Bring Your Own Device Using an eSIM FAQs.

  1. Activating your Device with eSIM

  2. Activating service is easy. To activate your eSIM device with Verizon you need:

    • A data connection (i.e., Wi-Fi or a cellular connection from another mobile network carrier).
    • An eSIM profile set up for your device. If you haven’t already set up the eSIM profile you can activate your eSIM device online. If you accidentally removed it, contact us.
    • If a QR code is needed to complete eSIM activation, scan this QR code using your device’s camera.

    Next, follow the instructions for your device:

    Business customers visit eSIM Activation Instructions for Business to learn how.

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