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Select and set up your prepaid plan FAQs

Prepaid plans and service

  1. What is Verizon prepaid service, and what prepaid plans are available?

    Prepaid service lets you pay in advance for monthly voice, text and data services for your mobile device. There's no credit check, deposit or long-term contract required, like you'd have with a standard account (which gives you a bill for your usage at the end of each month).

    As your plan renewal date approaches each month, you can make a payment to your account to keep your account active and avoid service disruptions.

    Note: Monthly prepaid plans renew on the same date every month, regardless of how many days there are in the month.

  2. What prepaid plans do you currently offer?

    Go to our Prepaid Plans page to shop for a plan that fits your needs. All our prepaid plans include:

    • Unlimited Talk & Text to the US
    • Unlimited Text to over 200 international destinations including Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico
    • A data allowance for a set monthly price (including an unlimited option and a 2G-only option)

    You’ll also have access to many optional features. Some are included for no additional cost, and others you can subscribe to for a monthly fee.

  3. Where can I use my prepaid service?

    Prepaid service is available throughout the US. If you use your prepaid phone on a call outside of the prepaid coverage area, roaming charges may apply. Domestic roaming is billed at $0.20/minute.

    To see a map of the prepaid coverage area:

    1. Go to our Network page.
    2. Scroll down to the bottom of the map, and tap or click Expand interactive map.
    3. Tap or click the Menu icon in the top left corner of the map.
    4. Select Prepay Voice.

    The prepaid coverage map will display.

    You can also use your prepaid phone in many other countries. See the Prepaid International page for available countries and their roaming rate details.

  4. How do I get a prepaid plan?

    You can sign up for a prepaid plan online or by visiting a Verizon store or Authorized Retailer.

  5. What discounts are available with prepaid phone service?

    You can save $5/month by using Auto Pay. The Auto Pay discount is available on all current prepaid plans and select older monthly prepaid plans.

    You can also earn 2 levels of monthly Loyalty Discounts ($5 or $10) simply by keeping your prepaid line active. Loyalty Discounts are only available on current prepaid plans for smartphones.

  6. What is My Verizon for prepaid?

    My Verizon for prepaid is a secure app and online portal that helps you manage your prepaid account and device from anywhere.

    Go to our Manage your prepaid account FAQs to learn more.

Prepaid phones and devices

  1. What phones can I use with Verizon prepaid service?

    If you want to buy a new phone, go to our Prepaid Shop page to see all the prepaid phones available. Otherwise, visit a Verizon store or your local retailer.

    You can also check our Bring Your Own Device page to see if you can use a phone you already have (including Apple® iPhone®). Learn more on our Bring Your Own Device FAQs page.

  2. Can I have a tablet or other data-only device on a prepaid plan?

    Yes, there are currently several monthly plan options for prepaid tablets and Jetpack® devices that offer different data amounts.

    Go to our Prepaid Shop page for details about prepaid data only plans.

    Note: Data only plans do not qualify for Loyalty Discount offers.

  3. How do I activate my new Verizon Wireless prepaid phone?

    Once you've signed up for prepaid services:

    1. Turn on your new phone.
    2. Select one of the following options:
      • New Customer – If you're creating a new Verizon prepaid account
      • Existing Customer – If you're adding a line to an existing Verizon prepaid account (e.g., setting up a Prepaid Family Account)
    3. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish connecting your phone to your Verizon account.
    4. Make a call from your phone to complete your activation.

    Attention: If you don't make a call from your device within 60 days of adding funds to your account, any funds you added to your account will be forfeited and your service will be disconnected.

    If you aren't able to activate your phone using the instructions above, you can activate your prepaid phone online or call (866) 893-7723.

Prepaid Features and Add-ons

  1. What calling features are available with my prepaid service?

    Your prepaid service includes:

    *Voicemail may not be available in some areas. Voice mailboxes not set up within 60 days will be canceled. Airtime and other charges are incurred when using voicemail from your mobile phone. Mobile to Mobile Calling minutes don't apply to voicemail retrievals, and you'll be charged to maintain your connection to voicemail. Verizon is not responsible for missed messages or deletions of messages from your voice mailbox, even if you have saved them.

  2. Can I use ringtones and Ringback Tones on my prepaid phone?

    Yes, you can buy ringtones and Ringback Tones for your prepaid phone. Go to our Verizon Tones FAQs for more information.

  3. How much data do I need with my prepaid plan?

    Many things you do on a mobile device require data, like accessing the internet, streaming music and using GPS.

    While your usage may be different than others, here's a general idea of how much data an average person with certain usage habits may use each month:

    Usage habits Data needed
    You mostly talk and text, but use social media occasionally Less than 2 GB/month
    You stream music, upload photos on social media and browse the internet 3 - 4 GB/month
    You stream video and are always online 6 - 8 GB/month

    These numbers are approximate and don't represent your personal data usage. Visit My Verizon to see your personal data usage, if you have any, to better know which data plan is right for you.

    If you sign up for a plan and find you use more or less data than expected, you can change your plan in My Verizon to better fit your usage needs.

  4. Is Mobile Hotspot included with my on prepaid phone plan?

    Mobile Hotspot is included on multiple monthly prepaid phone plans with set high speed data allowances.

    Mobile Hotspot isn't included on:

    If you aren't sure if Mobile Hotspot is included with your prepaid plan, go to the Plan Details page in My Verizon. Mobile Hotspot will be mentioned there if it's included with your plan.

    Note: You must have a capable device to use Mobile Hotspot.

  5. Is Verizon Cloud included with my prepaid service?

    You can sign up for Verizon Cloud for a monthly fee.

    Learn more about Verizon Cloud in our Verizon Cloud FAQs.

  6. What is Always-On Data for prepaid?

    Always-On Data lets you stay online and connected for the rest of your monthly bill cycle at 2G speeds (up to 128 kbps), even after you've used all of your high speed data.

    Always-On Data is always on and available at no additional charge with all monthly plans (not applicable on Prepaid Unlimited). There's no account or phone setting to turn on.

    You can purchase more high speed data through My Verizon or the My Verizon app on your prepaid smartphone.

  7. What will my Always-On Data experience be like with 2G data speeds?

    There will be no impact to calling and texting, but the impact on apps depends on how much data the app uses. Video streaming and audio streaming may be impacted while at reduced 2G data speeds.

    Note: You won't experience any reduction in speed while using Wi-Fi.

  8. Can I call directory assistance (411 Search) from my prepaid phone?

    Yes, you can call 411 from your prepaid phone. A live operator will assist you when you request numbers, addresses and information for anything from restaurants and movies to the nearest florist.

    Calls to 411 Search are $1.99/call. If you don't have unlimited minutes, you'll also be charged airtime. You must have a balance on your account to cover the cost of the call.

  9. Am I charged for retrieving my voicemail messages from my prepaid phone?

    If you don't have unlimited minutes, you'll incur airtime and other charges when retrieving voicemail messages from your prepaid phone. Mobile to Mobile Calling minutes don't apply to voicemail retrievals.

  10. Can I use HD Voice on my prepaid device?

    You can use HD Voice on your prepaid device if it's compatible with HD Voice. The HD Voice feature will automatically be turned on when you activate a compatible phone on your prepaid account.

    For more information, refer to our HD Voice FAQs.

  11. Can I call international locations with my prepaid service?

    Yes, with prepaid service you can make calls to international locations at your per-minute rate plus the per-minute charges found on the Prepaid International Calling page.

    If you frequently call other countries, we offer:

    International networks can change frequently, so certain locations may not be available at all times. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Unlimited night and/or weekend minutes don't apply to international calls.

  12. Can I use my prepaid service while traveling internationally?

    Yes, you can use your prepaid phone for calling, texting and data in many international locations. For details, visit our Prepaid International Travel FAQs.

    For a low daily rate, you can add TravelPass® to your prepaid plan. It lets you take your talk, text and data allowances with you while traveling to many countries. Learn more in our Prepaid TravelPass FAQs.

Loyalty Discounts

  1. What are Loyalty Discounts, and how do I earn them?

    Loyalty Discounts are monthly savings you earn by keeping your prepaid plan active. When you make a payment each month to renew your plan, you get closer to earning your discount:

    • Renew your plan 3 times – Receive a $5/month discount (starting the 4th month)
    • Renew your plan 9 times – Receive an additional $5/month discount for a total discount of $10/month (starting the 10th month)

  2. I forgot to make a payment on my prepaid account. Will I lose my Loyalty Discount?

    No, as long as you've made 3 or 9 monthly payments on your account, you'll receive your $5 or $10 monthly Loyalty Discount when you make your next monthly payment. Missing a payment doesn't mean you have to earn your Loyalty Discount all over again.

    You'll only lose your Loyalty Discount if your line's service is completely canceled, not just temporarily suspended.

  3. I have an older prepaid plan. If I switch to a new plan, when will I earn my Loyalty Discounts?

    If you switch to a new plan, you'll earn Loyalty Discounts based on how long your line has been active and how many months of payment have been received.

    For example, if your line has been active for a total of 4 months, you'll start receiving a $5/month discount right away. If your line has been active for a total of 10 months, you'll automatically receive the $10/month discount when you switch plans.

    Note: If you receive discounts or promotional data with your old plan that aren't offered on the new plan (e.g., double data, multi-line discount, etc.), you'll no longer receive those when you switch plans.

    You can view your current plan in My Verizon and compare it with the new plans available.

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