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Sonim XP5s® - Support Overview

Find support and online tools for your Sonim XP5s.

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A Troubleshooting Assistant

Sonim XP5s - Troubleshooting Assistant

This online tool will help you identify and resolve problems with your Sonim XP5s. Get online technical support and help with common issues.

App Issues

Sonim XP5s® - Clear App Cache

Here's how to clear cache data on your Sonim XP5s if it runs slow, crashes or resets, or apps freeze.

Sonim XP5s® - Clear Temporary Internet Files

Here's how to clear temporary internet files on your Sonim XP5s.

Sonim XP5s® - Reset App

Here's how to reset apps if your Sonim XP5s crashes, resets or freezes.

Sonim XP5s® - Stop Running Apps

Here's how to stop running apps if they freeze / hang or cause your Sonim XP5s to crash, reset or run slowly.

Battery & Power Issues

Sonim XP5s® - View Battery Status

Here's how to view charging status, remaining battery and what uses the most battery on your Sonim XP5s.

Calling & Messaging Issues

Video: Factors That Impact Your Wireless Signal
(length: 3:00)

Having issues with your wireless signal? Learn about the factors that impact it and the solutions to fix it.
Length: 3:00

Video: Troubleshooting: Visual Voicemail
(length: 4:16)

Trouble accessing your messages and voicemails? To start, try resetting your Voicemail App. Watch this video to learn how.
Length: 4:16

Email Issues

Video: Troubleshooting Personal and Corporate Email
(length: 3:21)

Learn to fix your personal and corporate email with just a few simple steps.
Length: 3:21

Internet & Web Browser Issues

Sonim XP5s® - Allow / Deny Data Roaming

Here's how to check settings if you can't connect to the internet or send / receive messages on your XP5s.

Sonim XP5s® - Reset Network Settings

Here's how to reset settings if your Sonim XP5s can't connect to data or send / receive messages.

Sonim XP5s® - Turn Airplane Mode On / Off

Here's how to turn Airplane Mode on or off for your Sonim XP5s.

Sonim XP5s® - View MAC Address

Here's how to view the MAC (Wi-Fi) address for Sonim XP5s.

Sonim XP5s® - View Signal Strength

Here's how to view signal strength on your Sonim XP5s.

Video: Troubleshooting a Wi-Fi Connection
(length: 2:55)

Having issues with your Wi-Fi connection? Have no fear! Follow these simple steps to get your Wi-Fi connection up and running.
Length: 2:55

Lost, Stolen or Damaged

Sonim XP5s® - Check for Physical Damage

Here's how to check for physical damage on your Sonim XP5s.

Sonim XP5s® - Prevent Dust / Water Damage

Here's info on dust and water resistance for your Sonim XP5s.

Sonim XP5s® - View Device ID (ESN / IMEI / MEID)

Here's how to view the device ID (IMEI) for your Sonim XP5s.

Sonim XP5s® - View SIM Card Number

Here's how to view the SIM card number used for your Sonim XP5s.

Software Issues

Sonim XP5s® - Factory Data Reset (Powered On)

If your Sonim XP5s has a blank or frozen screen or calling, app and sync issues, view this.

Sonim XP5s® - Install Device Software Update

Here's how to install system updates for your Sonim XP5s.

Sonim XP5s® - Soft Reset

A soft reset can resolve issues like continuous resetting/rebooting, device crashing, freezing, won't ring or vibrate, can't make or receive calls, device locks up, and keypad doesn't respond.

Sonim XP5s® - View Software Version

Here's how to view the software version your Sonim XP5s is running.