Gridiron goodness: NFL on your smartphone

Verizon customers can now enjoy watching live NFL games on the Yahoo! Sports app.

Verizon customers can now enjoy watching live NFL games on the Yahoo sports app.


Whether you’re a casual viewer or a hardcore fan who wears the same pair of socks every Sunday to show off your team’s unique colors, Verizon customers can enjoy watching live and local primetime NFL games on their smartphones. With other perks such as team and breaking news alerts, the Yahoo! Sports app (available for Android and iOS) should score points for all fans.

For the regular fan

Accidentally double-booked on game day? You can still get the major headlines and watch live, local Sunday and primetime games with the Yahoo! Sports app. The leading mobile destination for NFL content also provides access to in-game highlights, game previews and much more.

For the stats junkie

If you closely follow rushing yards, TDs, PATs, INTs and other stats, the Yahoo Sports! app has instant updates so you can crunch all the numbers. You can also get a stream of your favorite teams, players and coaches. Keep up with all the breaking news from around the NFL, and sign up for your favorite team alerts, NFL news alerts, and tune in alerts.

For the diehard

The Yahoo! Sports app is available for mobile and tablet devices, giving you the ability to not only watch live games and highlights, but get blazing fast live scores and stats, game previews and schedules and personalize content for your favorite leagues, teams and players. Plus, you can get access to original reporting and exclusive content from Yahoo! Sports writers and Fantasy experts.

Post-game recap

The Yahoo! Sports app (iOS 8+, Android 4.1+) provides access to all of the below NFL material:

  • News
  • Scores
  • Schedules
  • In-game highlights
  • Game previews
  • Pre-season live videos
  • Regular season live videos, including Sunday afternoon in-market local games (there’s no access to out-of-market games) and Thursday, Sunday and Monday night games.
  • All 11 playoff games
  • Super Bowl 53
  • The Pro Bowl

You can watch live NFL games on the Yahoo! Sports App, as well as on these other Verizon platforms:

  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • AOL Sports
  • Tumblr

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