A history of the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

A journey through time.

Smartwatches, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch, have revolutionized the way we interact with our devices, helping us more seamlessly fit technology into our daily lives. Among the top brands in this space is Samsung, which offers the Samsung Galaxy Watch series. From the beginning, these smart timepieces have captivated fans from tech titans to the fashion-conscious to health enthusiasts. Here, we explore how these devices have evolved over time.

Galaxy Gear: An early Samsung Galaxy Watch.

In 2013, Samsung took its first step into smartwatches with the Samsung Galaxy Gear. While not featuring the “Watch” moniker yet, this device laid the foundation for what was to come for the brand’s smartwatches. With features like call notifications and a camera embedded in the wristband, it was a glimpse into the future of wearable technology.

Gear S2: A step before the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Two years later, in 2015, the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 hit the market. This time, it embraced a circular, more refined design. Its rotating bezel allowed for intuitive navigation through apps and notifications. As Samsung continued to improve the product, they focused on making sure the watch was even easier to use with each new release. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch: The birth of a new identity.

In 2018, Samsung officially introduced the Samsung Galaxy Watch. In addition to the significant shift in nomenclature, this updated version brought a variety of fitness tracking features, like exercise,  heart rate and sleep analysis, making it a hit among the health-conscious. The device was also water resistant and had more battery life than the Gear models.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Bands: Customization arrives.

Thinking beyond watches, Samsung released a new series of Samsung Galaxy Watch bands in 2018. These silicone straps were flexible, durable, water- and scratch-resistant, and wrapped gently around the wrist. Offering a variety of shades, they marked the beginning of a trend in the Galaxy Watch series that placed a larger emphasis on customization.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3: Elegance meets function.

Released in August 2020, Samsung Galaxy Watch3 combined the elegance of a traditional timepiece with the functionality of a smartwatch. A rotating bezel once again enabled wearers to physically cycle through on-screen menus, and this model was slimmer and lighter than previous ones, making for a more modern-looking device. It also introduced advanced health-monitoring features like electrocardiogram and blood oxygen tracking.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4: A new era begins.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4, released in August 2021, ushered in a new era for the Galaxy Watch series. The watch’s ability to measure a wide range of fitness activities made it a standout choice for fitness enthusiasts. It featured Body Composition Analysis with readings right on your wrist, making it easier to reach fitness goals. Advanced sleep and continuous blood oxygen monitoring helped wearers manage their overall sleep quality. Plus, users could access an advanced tracker to calculate their sleep score. 

In addition, the watch made maintaining optimum heart health second nature with real-time ECG monitoring, while Auto Workout Tracking helped people stay motivated by connecting them to live coaching sessions via a smartphone or to dynamic Group Challenges with friends. The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 44mm was also available in addition to the 40mm model. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic: Fit to be timeless.

Alongside the Galaxy Watch4, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, made for those who appreciated a more traditional watch design. Samsung engineered the watch to be your stylish companion on a health-focused journey. The Samsung BioActive Sensor measured ECG in real time to check for abnormal heart rates and rhythms. It could also send data straight to a compatible Galaxy phone for easy sharing. With its stainless steel case and rotating bezel, it was the perfect combination of timeless aesthetics and cutting-edge technology.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5: Advancing the health stats.

Building on the success of the Samsung Watch4 series, Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 in February 2022. When it comes to a comparison of 

the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 vs 5, the newer model continued to refine health and fitness features for users who wanted to stay active, including some seriously motivating health insights. Advanced Sleep Coaching offered new tips and checklists for better sleep. An improved, curved sensor design allowed for closer skin contact, meaning more accurate heart rate and wellness readings. It even featured a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Sensor (BIA) that could read your body fat, skeletal muscle, body water and basal metabolic rate, providing all the stats needed to track your health in meticulous detail. Additionally, this new watch came in different sizes, including the Samsung Galaxy Watch 44mm, which included a larger band in comparison to the other 40mm model.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro: Bring on the adventure.

Samsung wasn’t done innovating their watches yet. In October 2022, they introduced the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro. This premium model was built for an even more active and adventurous smartwatch wearer. Designed with outdoor activities in mind, it boasted features like improved battery life, enhanced durability and even more advanced health tracking capabilities than before. Wearers could take on the elements with a watch that was now two times stronger because of its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face. Plus, the water-resistant titanium body meant it was ready for any adventure, from running a marathon to climbing mountaintops and traversing river rapids.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6: Track your workout.

The journey of the Samsung Galaxy watches continued into July 2023 with the launch of the Galaxy Watch6. This latest addition promised even more advanced features, including seamless integration with other Samsung devices. This iteration could help a wearer plan bedtime, detect snoring and track sleep stages like light, deep and REM phases or rest. It even helped improve workouts with fitness tracking on useful performance insights like duration, distance and calories burned. It was able to automatically detect active movements—from running to rowing to swimming—and helped manually track over 90 additional exercises. The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 also featured the largest watch screen yet, making it easier than ever to view all this new and useful personal information. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic: Iconic timepiece.

July 2023 also saw the release of Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic. Inspired by the iconic designs of vintage diving watches, this stylish smartwatch looked and felt like a classic timepiece. The slim, spinning bezel made navigating apps easy and accurate, all with a simple turn of the dial. It featured a large screen and was expertly crafted with sapphire crystal glass, protecting it from bumps and scratches. It maintained all the health tracking features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch6, so wearers could keep all their fitness goals on track, but with a more traditional style. In addition, it had Fall Detection, which was able to detect dangerous falls and send an SOS notification to an emergency contact for help.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Series:

Still redefining how we track time.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch series has come a long way since its inception. With each new release, it’s evolved and adapted to the changing needs and preferences of consumers. Whether people have been looking for a stylish accessory or a powerful fitness tracker, the Galaxy Watch lineup has proven continually to offer a diverse range of options. Stay updated with the newest releases at the Verizon store. 

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