Get personalized technical support when you need it and protect your device against loss, theft, damage and post-warranty defects.

Accidents happen, right? You drop your phone while walking across the street, accidentally spill hot coffee on it while working late, or maybe download a piggyback virus - yikes! But with Equipment Protection, these incidents don't have to be catastrophes.

For just $11 per month, Total Mobile Protection gives you three save-the-day services rolled into one. So relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing your device is protected against loss, theft, damage, post-warranty defects, viruses and your own fumbling.  

Next-day device replacement

Whether you drop your phone in the toilet or experience a defect a day after the manufacturer's warranty expires, TMP's next-day device replacement is there for you. So the next time you drop your phone off the balcony, you can replace it fast without having to shell out the retail price. 

Verizon Support & Protection app

With this powerful app, you have one-touch access to talk or chat with a Verizon Tech Coach in seconds, right from your phone. No more waiting on hold or navigating endless menus for support. It's also filled with features to safeguard your personal data and locate your device if lost or misplaced.

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