Kyocera DuraForce PRO 3

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128 GB

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Built for tough conditions, whether it be work or adventure, Kyocera’s DuraForce PRO 3 offers protection from drops, shock, extreme temperatures1, dust and submersion in water2. Customize your smartphone’s shortcuts with programmable external buttons and play music through its powerful front-facing stereo speakers or access Google Assistant at the simple press of a button. Pair DuraForce PRO 3’s rugged durability and reliable connectivity with Verizon, the network America relies on.



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Not what i wanted or liked

Darryl c . 3 days ago

I will start off by saying i have been buying rugged phones from Verizon for about 20 years. First with the casio g'zones rock, boulder, commando, then the droid turbos, and most recently the cat s48c, so i will base my review comparing this phone to the cat. First off, the cat was rubberized, so it was very easy to hold and not slip, something the kyocera cannot claim. Another issue i had was even though the kyocera has "two LED lights", even on its brightest setting, it wasnt as bright as the cat. Not even close. Another issue i had was i would turn off wifi when i wasnt near a wifi source, and about an hour later, the wifi was turned back on. The last issue i had was the phone would randomly restart. The last straw was i was walking in a local big box store to feel my phone vibrating. I pulled it out of my pocket and it was in the middle of a full blown factory reset. Everything i had on the phone, downloaded pictures, texts, etc were completely wiped out, gone forever. All this in two weeks of owning the phone. Worst mistake ever. I went back to the cat phone until i find a new carrier. Verizon only caters to the big two phone makers, apple and samsung. If you dont want those, youre out of luck getting anything else.

Great phone but expensive

CAP50 . 11 days ago

Check Mark GraphicYes, I'd recommend this product.
If you like the PRO 2, you will love the PRO 3 only downfall is the price

Kyocera Customer Support - 6 days ago

The ultra-rugged DuraForce PRO 3 delivers an all-new X-frame reinforced design and high-quality components at what we believe is a fair cost. Thanks for your purchase and review. Kyocera
  1. Up to 5 ft on concrete. Compliant with a military standards test (MIL-STD-810H Method 516.6, Procedure IV "Transit Drop"). Device may not perform as tested in all conditions. Test performed in a controlled environment. Do not attempt.
  2. IP68 waterproof at 2m/6.5ft for up to 30 minutes. Before immersing your phone in water, make sure battery cover and charging port cover are completely sealed with no gaps. Avoid using your phone in salt water. Always rinse your phone in fresh water after it has been submerged
  3. Based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice data, and other application usage patterns. Results may vary.
  4. Recognizes touch input while wearing gloves up to 3mm thick; the material, texture and thickness of the glove as well as how it fits your hand will impact performance. Individual results may vary.