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Manage Verizon mobile service. Disconnect, suspend or transfer lines. Cancel service.

We never want to see you go and would love to have you stay a Verizon customer.

If you are thinking about canceling your service, here are some suggestions to help you find the best solution.

    Managing mobile lines and phone numbers

    If you’re thinking about canceling one or more of your lines, you might consider one of these options instead:

    • Suspend service on a mobile line: You can temporarily suspend or pause service on a line. Depending upon your current services and reason for suspending, you can choose from several suspension time frames and billing options. This is a good option if you are being deployed by the military, lost your device and need time to locate it or have a short-term change in a family situation. Visit our Suspend Service FAQs to learn more.

      Watch a video on How to Suspend or Reconnect Service.

      You can begin the Suspend Service process in My Verizon.
    • Move a line to another account: Instead of canceling a line, you have the option of transferring the line to a new or existing account. This is a good solution if you have a change in a family situation, such as divorce, death, marriage or an adult child assuming payment responsibilities. Visit our Transfer Your Service Support page.

      Watch a video on How to Transfer Line Ownership.

      Visit our Transfer Service page to begin the process.
    • Change phone number: You can keep your phone line active but change the phone number associated with that line. Visit our Change Mobile Phone Number FAQs page to see how.

      Watch a video on How to Change Your Phone Number.

      You can begin the process to Change Your Mobile Number in My Verizon.

      Learn how we manage changed or disconnected telephone numbers.
    • Block unwanted calls: Rather than changing your phone number to stop unwanted calls, you can try using our call blocking services.
      • With Call Filter, you can screen incoming calls, auto-block spam and report any unwanted numbers. Visit our Call Filter FAQs to learn how to manage incoming calls.
      • With Smart Family, you can view and manage how your kids are using their phone. You can set text, call and purchase limits, view call and text activity, set time restrictions on usage and get location information. Visit our Smart Family FAQs to learn how.
    • Forward your number to another phone: You may have a number on a phone you no longer need for outgoing calls, but you want people who have that as a contact number to be able to still reach you. You can forward that number to another phone and receive calls there from both the forwarded number and the existing number. Visit our Call Forwarding FAQs to learn how.

      After you have forwarded the number to another phone, you can call Verizon Customer Service to make any adjustments necessary to the plan that is associated with that phone number.

    Plan and billing options

    If you are having trouble with affording your current plan, you may want to see if one of these options helps:

    • Change your Plan to one that better fits your lifestyle. Verizon has a plan to fit any need, including shared data plans, unlimited plans, single device plans and prepaid plans. To learn about how to make a change, visit our Understand and Change your Plan FAQs.

      You can see your usage history and get recommendations for a plan that better fits your usage by visiting your My Usage page in My Verizon.

      You can get a list of all our available plans on our Plans Overview page.
    • When you need more time to pay your Verizon bill, you can make an agreement to pay us on a date that's after your bill's due date. Visit our Payment Arrangements & Promise to Pay FAQs to learn how to manage payments.

    Disconnect a single line or cancel service

    Sign in to My Verizon to see if you're eligible to disconnect a line using the website and app.

    The Account Owner or an Account Manager can cancel single lines or your entire mobile account by calling Verizon Customer Service.

    For the fastest resolution, please have this information available to provide to our Customer Service team:

    • Account Owner’s name
    • Phone number
    • Account PIN or last 4 of the Account Owner’s SSN

    If you are a spouse or dependent of service member who has passed away or has been seriously injured, visit our Canceling Service as a Military Spouse or Dependent Under the SCRA page.

    Find out what to do If you’re in a domestic violence situation and need to disconnect your line without notifying an Account Manager or Account Owner.

    NOTE: If there is an outstanding Device Payment Agreement, you can pay off the remaining balance of your device on our Pay off your device page or it will appear on your next bill after the cancellation. If you're canceling service for a deceased family member's account, visit our Deceased policy page for more details.

    What you need to know about your bill after canceling service

    • Cancellations aren't effective on the day you call us to cancel, but on the last day of the billing period in which you cancel.
    • To pay a bill after you cancel service, visit our Sign in for Disconnected Accounts page, which is available up to 6 months after canceling. If it's been more than 6 months, visit the Pay My Bill website.
    • If you have a device payment agreement, your remaining balance is charged on your next bill after disconnecting.
    • If you have a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) promotion, the bill credits for the “free” device are discontinued and you’re charged the remaining balance of the device payment agreement for both devices.
    • If you bought your wireless device from an authorized agent or third–party vendor, check whether that third-party charges a separate termination fee.

    For more details about your final bill, visit our Bill Statement FAQs page.

    If you are switching service to another carrier and intend to port your number to that provider, you will need to obtain a Number Transfer PIN and remove a Number Lock if you have enabled that feature. Visit our Transfer (port out) your number to another carrier FAQs page to see how.

    How we manage changed or disconnected telephone numbers

    Federal regulations require that we reassign changed or disconnected numbers quickly but no sooner than 45 days. We recommend you take this time to notify contacts that you are no longer using this number and that you unlink this number from any business or online accounts that use it as a way to authenticate you.