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Suspend service FAQs

If you plan to be away for a period of time and won’t need wireless service, or if your device is lost or stolen, you can temporarily suspend service to one or more of your Verizon mobile lines. When you suspend a line of service, you won't be able to:

  • Make or receive calls or text messages on the Verizon mobile network, or
  • Access the Verizon mobile data network.

We offer three suspension types:

The amount of time your line can be suspended and how you’ll be billed during the suspension is different for each type. What happens if you exceed the maximum suspension period will also vary. So be sure to review the specific FAQs below for the suspension option you choose.

You can review our suspension policy on the Voluntary Suspension Policy page.

A suspension of service is different from a cancellation or disconnection of service. If you need to cancel service or disconnect a line permanently, call Verizon Customer Service.

Suspend Service Overview

Lost or Stolen Suspension

Military Deployment Suspension

Vacation or Other Reason Suspension