Verizon Conversational IVR

Give busy agents a break and deliver faster, more intuitive customer service with AI-powered interactive voice response (IVR).

  • It’s time to hang up on bad IVR.

  • Today’s busy customers are often frustrated by touch-tone IVR systems with complicated, unhelpful menu trees. Verizon Conversational IVR (CIVR) is different. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and delivered across the Verizon IP Toll Free network, it can anticipate callers’ needs, carry on conversations that almost feel human and let callers interact with the system in their own words.

This product is best for:

  • Government icon

    Government agencies that need fast, customized assistance to handle large numbers of constituent inquiries.

  • Buildings

    Businesses looking to streamline operations and reduce agent call volumes while still providing a high-quality customer experience.

  • Headset

    Organizations that want to to deliver personalized customer service, although they may not have the resources to provide 24/7/365 agent support.

  • Verizon Conversational IVR

    What is it?

    Verizon CIVR uses speech technology powered by AI to deliver an intuitive customer service experience that can help callers resolve issues on their own. It anticipates their needs and lets them interact with the system more naturally, using their own words.

  • Verizon Conversational IVR

    How does it help you?

    Verizon CIVR can help you improve first-call resolution, deliver a better customer experience, reduce agent workloads and control costs. By minimizing customer frustration, CIVR can help improve brand perception and build customer loyalty.

Features and benefits

  • The Verizon CIVR difference

    Our cutting-edge features can help you deliver a better customer experience.

  • Natural-language-based speech recognition

    Advanced speech recognition and natural language understanding (NLU) help accurately capture callers’ intent.

  • Intuitive call steering

    Callers are sent to the right place the first time, improving use of the automated system and reducing the need for live agents.

  • Personalized, proactive experience

    Match phone numbers with customer data to identify callers and create more personalized experiences that can anticipate customer needs.

  • Advanced analytics

    Advanced application performance reporting and analytics reveal actionable insights to optimize the performance of your IVR.

  • Predictive call handling

    Predict caller intent, deliver personalized menus and help route callers to the right destination quickly.

  • Cloud and on-premises offerings

    Whether you want the flexibility of the cloud or prefer to manage the system yourself, both options deliver a full conversational IVR experience.

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  • Why Verizon

  • Integrating conversational AI with IVR and other customer service channels can be a major challenge. You need an expert to help you design, develop and optimize your speech-enabled applications. 

  • Industry leader

    Verizon is a leader in customer experience and the call-center industry.

  • Deep expertise

    We have years of experience integrating and deploying conversational IVR solutions and offer a best-in-class solution.

  • Tailored solutions

    We can help you adapt your solution for specific customer journeys.

  • Advanced analytics

    Our analytics help you understand and continuously improve performance.

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