• Safeguarding protected health information




    Our security solutions continually evolve to protect privacy and keep sensitive information secure—at rest and in transit. From smart identity management to ransomware attack simulations, we keep you steps ahead. And that’s essential for detecting and responding to threats faster, mitigating breaches and decreasing or eliminating HIPAA reporting penalties.

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    Investing in healthcare cybersecurity for a 5G-enabled future


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Managed and Professional Services

From design and implementation to analytics and maintenance, our consultants have the deep industry expertise needed to help you develop strategies that will drive results.

Key products and services

    • Cyber Risk Monitoring

    • Take advantage of a risk assessment and management tool that measures and benchmarks your security posture, helping you know where to focus your investments.

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    • Network and cloud security

    • Shorten the time to detect and respond to threats, mitigate breaches more effectively, and help decrease or eliminate HIPAA reporting penalties.

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    • Network Detection and Response

    • Continuously monitor and evolve with threats using near real-time and retrospective detection, visualization and compliance reporting.

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    • Rapid Response Retainer

    • Get the expertise, tools and knowledge to prepare for and respond to cyberattacks. Mitigate risk, augment your security personnel and control the costs of incident response.

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    • Identity and Access Management

    • See how device and system authentication can support your organization’s data security and compliance programs.

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  • Visualizing the future of connected healthcare

  • Explore our interactive cityscape to see how connected healthcare solutions can help experts deliver better care to patients in the hospital and beyond.

Products and services for healthcare

Take a closer look at some of the technologies and professional services that can bring digital transformation to your healthcare environment.

  • 5G icon

    Power real-time clinical precision, accelerated AI and machine learning with the capabilities of Verizon 5G.

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  • 5G edge

    Verizon 5G Edge provides even lower latency and higher bandwidth, which could enable more accurate diagnoses and surgical interventions.

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  • enterprise mobility

    LTE Business Internet

    Future-ready your internet by adopting a flexible network that supports the needs of your organization as it evolves.

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  • Network connection

    Network as a Service

    Transform your infrastructure with a networking roadmap for reliable, fast, scalable connectivity and backup capabilities on demand.

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  • Device protection

    Mobile device management

    Protect proprietary clinical applications and sensitive data with mobile device and endpoint security. Choose from a number of options that best fit your needs.

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  • Cloud

    Network and cloud security

    Shorten the time to detect and respond to threats, mitigate breaches more effectively, and decrease or eliminate HIPAA reporting penalties.

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  • stack of paper

    Digital CX and digital experience advisory services

    Get help planning and implementing digital and customer transformations that will help achieve higher patient satisfaction.

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  • Tablet

    BlueJeans Telehealth

    HIPAA ready, BlueJeans Telehealth helps improve patient and provider experiences with a simple interface, quick-join functionality, customized patient waiting rooms, intuitive messaging and more.

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  • Wifi


    Enhance your Wi-Fi with adaptable technology for user-centric experiences like auto check-in, wayfinding and personalized navigation, and more.

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    Explore innovative ways IoMT can be used to revolutionize the care that patients receive in hospitals and at home.

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  • Improving the patient experience through on-premises telemedicine

    Telemedicine isn’t just for remote care. Learn how you can improve efficiency, operational response and patient satisfaction with on-premises telemedicine.

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  • Doctors are ready for AI in medicine. Is your network?

    5G and mobile edge computing (MEC) can enable AI applications such as video diagnostic assistance and surgical robotics. But is your hospital network ready to support applications like this?

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  • Harris County leverages technology to support the community

    Learn how purpose-built, connected devices and BlueJeans Telehealth are being used by law enforcement to support crisis intervention and on-scene mental health resourcing.

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